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Nokia 7.2 with a large 1/2” sensor & pixel-binning takes Nokia 808/Lumia 1020/1520/930 imaging heritage forward. Dedicated Night Mode comes

HMD has not only plonked a relatively large sensor of 1/2'' on Nokia 7.2 but has also used pixel-binning to deliver smaller final images condensed from the 48MP sensor. This takes forward the strong Nokia PureView imaging heritage that used big sensor size and pixel-binning...

Nokia & AMBER formulate Battery with 2.5 times more life but same volume as current super-slim batteries

Nokia Bell Labs and AMBER, the SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research hosted at Trinity College Dublin have partnered to create a new Battery formula that lasts 2.5 times more than the currently existing super-slim batteries of the same volume. Targetting the 5G...

Would Nokia 10 feature multi-lens Zoom camera tech from Zeiss? Joining the dots

Many times joining hints aka dots from here and there lead you to an educated guess. We just heard about a circular Penta-Lens camera module that may be featured on the 2018 premium Nokia Flagship that we can assume to be Nokia 10 for...

With Bothie (Dual-Sight) feature & Zeiss Front camera, Nokia 8 is the Dream Selfie phone

HMD launched Nokia 8, the flagship Nokia Android Phone in an event in London yesterday. The smartphone boasts of many firsts in terms of innovations and stand-out features. While every onne expected a Zeiss-branded rear camera on the back, HMD has taken fans by...

HMD patents Nokia 3, Nokia 5 & Nokia 6 designs in Europe

HMD, the Finnish firm responsible for bringing Nokia Android smartphones to market launched Nokia 3, 5 and 6 globally at MWC 2017. Now one thing that has been really appreciated about these three smartphones are their premium and robust industrial design. While Nokia 6...

Futuristic: Nokia patents “joining the displays of multiple phones” to work as one.

Nokia has patented a invention that may be really called futuristic. Imagine if your mobile phone can be folded and unfolded with display(s) working even in unfolded positions as one unit. And imagine if you can just join two of your smartphone displays and...

Samsung explored how to run Windows 10 & Android simultaneously on a Galaxy device, reveals a patent

A patent application filed in May 2015 reveals Samsung's plan to explore technology enabling Windows 10 and Android OSes to run simultaneously on a Galaxy device. Dual-OS booting smartphone is not a new concept, but the patent in question envisions a scenario where two...

Microsoft Research paper reveals more about 3D-Touch: Hybrid Touch + Hover interactions

We reported earlier about Microsoft Research video with the full 3D-Touch demo on a Lumia McLaren prototype. Now the research paper is in public too and it offers detail about how Microsoft Research team has been working on enhancing user-interactions with a touch-screen in...

Nokia OZO wins prestigious iF 2016 Gold Award for product design

Nokia OZO, the virtual reality camera has won the prestigious iF Gold Award for Product Design in the 2016 international competition. It is considered to be the highest iF Design honor. Nokia Technologies Design team is certainly elated with this honor. The entire OZO team...

Microsoft patents “Flyout Tiles” & “Interactive Tiles”

Two Microsoft patents published today reveal interestingly two Live Tile features, one of which was reportedly scrapped in past but later appeared in official documentation and the other is confirmed by Microsoft as coming in future. First let us talk about Flyout Tiles or MixView...

Nokia Patents wide range of media access from Lock Screen with gestures & hover support

We have been reporting about many Nokia patents in past. But some of these patents certainly are more interesting than others and with practical use cases, like the one we are reporting today!! The patent is related to enhanced "Lock Screen" of mobile devices...

Nokia patents 3D-Touch interaction sensor with Bluetooth headset detection & very wide sensing area

3D-Touch or Hover sensing has been a very interesting subject for touch-display device users like Smartphones, Tablets and though devices with hover interaction UI haven't seen much of traction in market due to various reasons, it may be the future of interactions. Nokia has...


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