[Video] How to cast/project screen on Nokia smartphones without Chromecast

Google had removed Miracast support from Android Nougat and higher Android iterations long back in a bid to promote its Chromecast solution. But you can still use a neat trick to enable Miracast support on select Nokia devices and cast/project your screen on PC/Laptops...

How to enable Call recording on Nokia smartphones & where to find recordings?

We recently reported about Nokia smartphones getting the call recording feature in India. Our readers tipped us about getting the feature automatically without enabling anything or without making any settings changes. So, if you are on the latest "Phone" app version you should be able...

Android 10: How to change the accent colors

Android 10 update will officially be here soon for Nokia 8.1 and here we are with our first Android 10 How To article. Android 10 supports many accent colors. Changing accent colors changes the color adopted by quick-action buttons and brightness bar (Check the...

[Video] Fix common Android Apps related issues/problems on Nokia & other smartphones

Step by Step and video tutorial on how to Fix common Android Apps related issues/problems on Nokia & other smartphones

Android 10: How to change the icon shape in developer options

Android 10 update has become available officially for Nokia 8.1 and here we are with our second Android 10 "How To" article. Android 10 also supports changing the default icon shape. Only thing is that in Android 10 this settings is not present in...

How to turn on & off Safe Mode on Android [Video] & what can you do in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a feature of Android OS that allows troubleshooting on your smartphone if it started behaving erratically after installation of some problematic apps. It may be possible that your device is restarting itself, freezing, crashing, or has become slow. Once you enter the Safe...

How to enable, use & disable Wi-Fi calling on smartphones

Wi-Fi calling on smartphones including Nokia ones has recently become available widely in many countries. In this tutorial we learn how to enable, use and disable Wi-Fi calling on smartphones. People like to use Wi-Fi calling as a lower-cost/free calling option as compared to the...

Top Tips & Tricks to make your Android (Nokia) run Faster & improve its overall performance

If you are using a Nokia Android Smartphone and reading this article you may either be not happy with the way your smartphone performs or just want to get better performance out of it and want to see it work faster. So, here we...

How to use Android Nearby Share on Nokia Smartphones? List of Nokia smartphones with Nearby share

Google has started to make its new "Nearby Share" feature available to more Android smartphones and that list includes Nokia smartphones too. While we were able to check and find this feature available on our Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus, it may already...

How to disable Google Home (Discover) Feed on Nokia & other Android smartphones

In this step by step tutorial, we will cover and demo how to disable Google Home Feed on Nokia and other Android smartphones. You can not only disable the Google Home feed but also can make your home screen scrollable in a never-ending manner. So, in...

How to enable & use Android Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode. List of apps supporting PIP mode

We have often faced queries about the Picture in Picture mode feature of Android. Since most of the Nokia Android smartphones already run Android Oreo/Pie now it is natural for owners of these devices to try to use one of the most exciting features...

How to force Android 10/other updates on Nokia smartphones using VPN trick

In case you have been waiting since long for the Android 10 update/any other software update to arrive for you Nokia Android smartphone and it is out in other market/markets, here is a trick that might help you. So, by using a VPN you...

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