In this tutorial (which we keep on updating) we share some tips and tricks to boost/extend the battery life on your Nokia Android or any other Google Android smartphones. Most of the Nokia Android Phones now run Android Pie and Android 10 and we have added the Android Pie/10 tips too in this updated article.

Charge it to 100%:

When you unbox and boot your Nokia Android Phone for the very first time make sure that you charge it to 100%. This conditions your battery to receive full charge subsequently. Also, it is a good idea to charge your battery to 100% and let it discharge completely at times, which again makes Battery last longer.

Also, don’t let it plugged in when fully charged. It may adversely impact Battery life and longevity.

Use Battery Saver mode :

Android has ‘Battery Saver’ mode which automatically adjusts the display & other parameters that are draining your battery. Battery Saver, first of all, tries to reduce the brightness & kill some background processes that are running in the background but not being used. So this helps in prolonging your battery life. When you turn on the battery saver mode, the navigation bar & the notification bar becomes orange in color. It indicates that battery saver is on.

You can set the Battery Saver Mode on by tapping on Battery icon in Notification center or by going to Settings–>Battery. You can also define at what Battery level Battery Saver gets switched on automatically. You have Three options to set: never, 5% and 15%.

[Video] Manage Background apps (Android Pie):

Here is a hands-on video that can help you in learning how to use Adaptive Battery feature and control/manage apps that can run in background. This is one of the most important battery life improvement tip that can help you immensely. Also, note that it is valid for Nokia smartphones running Android Pie. For devices running Android Oreo check similar tips below.

Manage Background apps (Oreo & Oreo 8.1):

You can easily manage number of apps that are allowed to run in the background. This ensures better performance and extended battery life by making sure that only those apps run in background which you really need to do so. It also minimizes use of RAM and processor and keeps them free when you actually need to launch a new app or do something.

On Android Oreo 8.1 go to Settings–>Battery–>Background Activity manager. Now “enable Blacklist” and from the list of app appearing below toggle on all the apps and games that you don’t want to run in the background. Toggle off those apps and games that you want to run in the background. Check the screenshots below.

Background Activity cleaner (Oreo & Oreo 8.1):

There is one more option of “Background Activity cleaner” (as you can notice in the screenshots above) which you can use also to extend battery life. But if you switch it on notifications of some apps/games may not be visible to you instantly.

Though if you are not worried much about notifications this is the default batter life extending option in Android Oreo.

Battery Optimization:

If you go to Settings–>Battery, you can go to Battery optimization by going to the menu on the top right (Check the screenshots below). Here you can check which all apps are optimized to save battery. You can also choose by tapping on the name of each app whether they are optimized to save battery or not.

Find apps that are draining battery :

It is also one of the very basic steps to follow when your Android device is draining the battery. For this go to settings & then battery settings (Check above screenshot). Here you will find the detailed usage of the battery. It will tell you which apps are using the most amount of battery. If you find any app that is draining your battery, just kill the app or the process if that is not necessary to you.

Disable Apps/Games Notifications if not needed:

Go to Settings–>Notifications. Tap on the name of any apps/games. Now you will go to the second screen shown below. Tap on the icon shown below importance text. Now you can change notification option to disable it completely for the apps/games you don’t like to send notifications. This can help in saving Battery power a lot.

Adaptive Brightness, Sleep & Sound volume level:

You can prolong battery life by using adaptive brightness that changes brightness as per the ambient lighting conditions. You can set your device to sleep more often by using sleep settings as seen in the first screenshot below. For accessing adaptive brightness and sleep go to settings–>display.

For managing sound level either use volume rocker or go to Settings–>Sound. Louder the volume more the Battery juice consumption.

Restart/Soft reset your Nokia Android:

If you are facing a problem with battery drain in your phone, the first step is to restart your device & see some changes. Although Android comes with Battery saver mode & App standby that helps us saving lots of battery but still sometimes we may not get that result which we were expecting to get.

Try clearing Cache data :

If you have tried all the above-listed steps & want to try more, here’s a new method to save battery drain issue. In this method, you’ll have to do lots of work but have to take care of only one thing i.e. cache data used by your phone by individual apps. To do this you need to go to Settings > Apps > select an app > Storage > Clear cache. Another method to clear is going to Settings > Storage and USB > Cached data > OK. When we use Android apps & update them, we get lots of cache data which are nothing but just useless files. It is very necessary to keep clearing cache files on your Android device because along with battery drain, they also led your device to slow down.

Disable unnecessary apps/bloatware :

If you have ever used a Samsung smartphone, you will be aware of what a bloatware is. Bloatware are some unwanted apps that come as pre-installed on your phone & you don’t have permission to uninstall them. If there is an app that came pre-installed on your phone & you never use it, then it’s just eating your memory by running in the background. So the best way to get rid of that app is to simply disable it. This tip is valid for all the devices running any Android version.

Disable Some unnecessary Services :

Disabling unwanted apps help in solving battery drain issue. Along with unwanted apps, there are some unnecessary services too that keep running in the background & eat phone’s battery power. Disabling some network connections, location services & some other services will help you a lot. We will recommend our readers to turn off Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and cellular data etc when not in use. If you no longer require network, you can use flight mode also. This will help to save you lots of battery charge.

Try another Launcher :

Sometimes there is a stability error with the stock launcher or any third party launcher if you are using on your device. So now is the time you should try changing the launcher you are using. If you give it a try you might see some interesting changes in the battery performance on your Android device. Choose one of the top launchers as suggested in our best Android launchers article.

Try a Factory Reset :

If you are done with all the steps listed above & want to get more battery, then you can try doing a ‘Factory Reset’ of your smartphone. It is very easy to perform a Factory reset but after the factory reset, you’ll need lots of data in terms of WiFi or Mobile internet to get all the updates & install some very useful apps according to your requirement. Here is our tutorial of how to Factory reset your Android device.

All the above-listed steps will get you a good battery life on your Nokia Android smartphone. If you still have a problem of excess battery drain on your phone, do let us know in the comment section below. We will try to solve your issues related to battery drain.