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Google to bring AI to Play Store for answering FAQs

Google may be planning to power its Android Play Store app with AI. A recent leak suggests that soon AI may be answering FAQs generated by users in the Google Play Store. Google has already embedded AI in other apps so it may certainly make...

Google Drive Android app to get revamped search & Google Photos a Photo Stack feature

Time for a scoop about upcoming features for some Google and Android apps. It seems that Google is working to bring a revamped file search feature to the Drive Android app. Another app Google Photos will get a Photo stack feature it seems. Revamped Search...

WhatsApp Beta for Android gets passkey feature for account verification.

WhatsApp is now getting a new update on the Android platform. The new update is always about making the app even better in the best possible way. The latest update to WhatsApp is being rolled out to WhatsApp users on Beta program. The latest update...

How Google is making it difficult for Android custom ROMs’ fans/users.

Google Brand image
Custom ROMs are one of the best ways to customize and enhance your Android experience. Whether you want to try out the latest Android version, get rid of bloatware, or enjoy some extra features, there is a custom ROM for you. Some of the...

Nothing Phone 1 vs Nokia X30 5G : Nothing can beat Nokia?

Introduction Nothing Phone 1 is a solid midrange device, and with the current price slash, the deal is even sweeter. On paper, the device packs a punch and it is priced aggressively for the lower variant. But, in my previous comparison with the Nokia G60 5G,...

Nokia G60 5G confirmed to be Android 13 compatible by Nokia Mobile now

After Nokia X30 5G, Nokia G60 5G is also confirmed to be Android 13 compatible, paving way for the update roll-out. Nokia Mobile recently started roll-out of Android 13 to Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia G50 5G, Nokia X20 5G and Nokia X10 5G. With...

(List) These are all Android 13 eligible Nokia smartphones & Tablets

Living up to its promise, Nokia Mobile has already made Android 12 available for all eligible Nokia smartphones. Now, many of you have been asking us to publish a list of Nokia smartphones and Tablets eligible to get the Android 13 update. As it...

Nokia G50 5G also receiving official Android 13 update now

Nokia G50 5G is the latest smartphone to receive the official Android 13 update. The update availability for Nokia G50 5G has arrived in quick succession to Nokia XR20 5G Android 13 update. Nokia X10 5G and Nokia X20 5G were the first two...

Nokia X20 5G also receiving Android 13 update now

Along with Nokia X10 5G, Nokia Mobile is rolling-out official Android 13 update to Nokia X20 5G too. This makes Nokia X10 5G and Nokia X20 5G the first two Nokia smartphone to receive the latest Android OS update. Android 13 is supposed to bring...

Nokia X10 5G first to get Android 13 update, as Nokia Mobile commences roll-out, report users.

Nokia Mobile may have started the roll-out of official Android 13 update to Nokia X10 5G. This makes Nokia X10 5G the first Nokia smartphone to receive the latest Android OS update. One of our readers shared screenshot of the Android 13 update for...

Google details new Android features: New search widget, Reading mode, Digital car key & more

Google has detailed new features coming to Android this holiday season. Major new Android features include a new YouTube Homescreen search widget, Reading mode, Digital car key and new Collage designs. One of the new features also brings ability to cast directly from the Google...

Nokia Mobile confirms Android 13 compatibility for Nokia XR20, G50, G11 Plus, X20 & X10 smartphones

Nokia Mobile has recently completed roll-out of Android 12 to all eligible smartphones. With this the users are now looking forward to receiving the Android 13 update on their devices. Now, in a positive development, Nokia Mobile has officially confirmed Android 13 compatibility for...

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