Time for a scoop about upcoming features for some Google and Android apps. It seems that Google is working to bring a revamped file search feature to the Drive Android app. Another app Google Photos will get a Photo stack feature it seems.

Revamped Search for Google Drive Android app:

Google Drive while searching currently shows chips about kinds of files one may be looking for. But file selection is limited to one type of chip at a time and since chips are horizontally placed a lot of scrolling is required.

Google is now working to revamp the file search interface in Drive. The Drive search will have no chips in search results. One can also select different type of file types at a time and combine a few other filters such as files from specific people or time range.

Google Photos to get Photo stack feature:

Android enthusiast account “AssembleDebug” has found code-strings suggesting a “Photo stacks” feature coming to Google Photos. The feature will automatically groups similar photos that were taken together in Google Photos.

This feature needs to be turned on to organize similar photos that were taken together. The feature will also allow to change top pick or edit stack, it seems.