1) Who introduced fast pair?

Fast Pair is a technology introduced by Google in the year 201, so it an exclusive technology of Google which in general makes the pairing process between Android devices and Bluetooth gadgets automatically and at a much quicker speed.

2) Features of fast pair and minimum requirements to work.

Fast Pair requires minimum android version 6.0 to work properly

and it’s main aim is to allow to set up Bluetooth devices, sync text messages, and share files.

(Especially in Bluetooth audio products and wearbles such as Earbuds, Neckbands and smartwatches.)

3) How fast pair works?

Fast Pair uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to scan nearby Bluetooth devices with the help of a Android phone’s proximity sensor and location. When the Bluetooth device comes closer to the phone, it shows the device name with a photo on the phone to connect instantly.

4) Where it can be found?

And Now a days Fast Pair can be seen in premium tier Bluetooth audio accessories such as Nokia clarity earbuds pro 2, Nokia clarity pro, Nokia T2000 neck band and etc.

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