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IDC: HMD (Nokia Android Phones) holds 0.4% market share, 11th largest manufacturer in Europe

After revealing that that 1.5 million Nokia Android smartphones shipped in the first half of 2017, IDC's Research director Fransico also told us in a tweet that Nokia 3 was the top selling or rather shipped Nokia Android smartphone. But more information about Nokia Android smartphone sales performance has been revealed

1.5 Million Nokia Android phones sold in H1 2017, says IDC hinting at strong Nokia 6 sales in China

We last exclusively reported the evidence that shows millions of Nokia Android smartphones in active use already. This somewhat verified the claim made by HMD that they have already sold millions of Nokia Android smartphones. But we now have an IDC report claiming that 1.5 Million Nokia Android phones were sold

This Nokia Diwali ad is so touching. Must watch!

Diwali is perhaps the most important festival in India for both common people and companies targeting them to sell their products. Mobile manufacturers not only provide lucrative discounts but also try to reach to customers with appealing ads and other marketing activities. The latest Nokia Mobile Ad features the Diwali mood