Bringing back Nokia (Lumia) Camera UI to Nokia Android smartphones have been a long-standing demand by Nokia fans. In fact, HMD owns the design trademark for this innovative and powerful camera UI that has become standard camera UI on all versions of Windows 10 too.

HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas has hinted at considering to fulfill this demand many times in past and even two of his latest tweets re-confirm it.

The Nokia Camera UI was first created to power devices like Nokia 808 PureView and later other camera flagships like Lumia 1020. In fact, its intuitiveness coupled with the power to unleash the pro mode with utter ease made it the default UI on all Nokia Lumia and later Microsoft Lumia phones. Microsoft loved it so much that it ported this UI to Windows 10 making it the default.

Microsoft has the license to use Nokia IPR and technology in its products but HMD is the rightful owner of these as per the agreement between HMD, Microsoft, Foxconn, and Nokia.