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Poll Results: 54% will or may get Lumia Flagships, 41% hate the design, 4% give interesting reasons.

So, our "Lumia 940 & Lumia 940 XL design: Yay or Nay" poll results are in. 41% of respondents hate the design of the upcoming Lumia Flagships: Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, while 30% like the design. 24% say that they are not fan of the design but still may

POV: Lumia Flagships with on-screen buttons will alienate many buyers. Take the poll.

I was in a Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) Priority store and I saw a customer  checking Lumia demo units sometime back in May. The person was most interested in Lumia 830, impressed with its design. But the store guy informed him that Lumia 830 is on its way out and had