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Poll(s): Are you planning to buy a Nokia 8? Most important Nokia 8 feature(s) for you?

I am definitely buying the flagship Nokia phone, Nokia 8 that has arrived after a long wait, considering Lumia 930 was the last one with design and craftsmanship worthy of the Nokia name.

What about you?? Take the poll and do let us know if you plan to buy the Nokia 8. We would also like to hear what Nokia feature/features are on your mind while considering Nokia 8 as your next prized possession.

You can check full specs, pricing and other details of Nokia 8 at our dedicated page. Read our full Nokia 8 coverage by clicking here.

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  • Eric Carson

    AMOLED and Qi are must haves if I am going to spend flagship dollars. Nokia 8 falls short in that regard

  • o4komodo

    Hoping the 9 comes with Wireless Qi

  • kodekn

    I like the design but the lack of an AMOLED screen is a deal breaker for me. The phone doesn’t apparently have a led notification light either, which is another huge minus.

    • NK

      Exactly, same here. AMOLED or no deal. IPS just looks/feels so inferior. Hopefully the bigger version of this phone packs a modern display, if not I’ll grab a OnePlus this year.

  • DBS

    I’ll be dead before I waste 600€ on that overpriced mid-ranger.

    The Nokia 8 is not a flagship and it’s not even worthy of the Nokia brand associated with it. I’d sooner spend the 600€ on the S8 which is a vastly superior phone and currently costs the same.

    Sarvikas needs to be fired. Immediately. And this abortion of a phone needs to be put back where it came from: the bootie.

    After yesterday I honestly am done giving HMD chances. They have proven themselves delusional and incapable of delivering good REAL Nokia phones, worthy of the brand. I’m not buying this sh*t (obviously) and I’m not even going to bother waiting for the Nokia 9 IF that one ever even sees the light of day.

    I rather spend my time now making pressure with Nokia to put an end to the licensing agreement with HMD before the Nokia brand ends up in the mud and worthless thanks to these crappy phones.

  • Gerrard Jr

    when you see nokia lumia n9, 920, 1020, 925, 525, 720, 830
    you were like…yess!!
    they are kind of unique and standout in their own way
    nokia 8 lacks that “Wow”
    i know it will be good in hand…but for €600 nokia phone
    the design is not “wow”

  • SK

    Unfortunately, the design is super generic. Xiaomi, Huawei, Panasonic, Meizu…They all look the same now. Nokia just joined that group. They should make unique looking phones. Unfortunately Nokia 8 isn’t a good unique design. I understand that HMD want to play safe and want to walk the path others have made. But they should not forget they carry the brand name Nokia.

    • Kamal

      Many said the same before holding Nokia 3/5/6 in hand. When you see them in person you realize why Nokia design still holds its own in face of me-too competitors. I am saying this after reviewing Nokia 3 and Nokia 6.

      • 777sasha3331

        Hmd says Russian press about Nokia 9

        • Kamal

          can you send source link to [email protected]

          • 777sasha3331

            I send source on your email

            • Srinivasan Devendaran

              kindly send the source linl public

          • 777sasha3331

            Nokia 8 have Glance Screen and double tap to wake!