For 44% Lumia fans, on-screen buttons on a Lumia Flagship is a deal breaker

So, we are sharing the results just one day in poll and we will still allow you to vote and update the story tomorrow. We asked whether on-screen touch buttons on a Lumia Flagship will be fine or a deal-breaker for you and provided...

POV: Lumia Flagships with on-screen buttons will alienate many buyers. Take the poll.

I was in a Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) Priority store and I saw a customer  checking Lumia demo units sometime back in May. The person was most interested in Lumia 830, impressed with its design. But the store guy informed him that Lumia 830 is...

Poll: Do you want us to post Anonymous tips??

NPU has one of the best leaking accuracy when it comes to exclusives and reports from sources we trust and quote as "our sources", the latest being the Lumia 435. While I personally don't mind any other blog posting "anonymous tips" and even like reading...

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