We had earlier posted three polls to understand your feedback about Nokia 8. These three polls intended to get your responses to quetions like “would you buy a Nokia 8”, “what makes you buy a Nokia 8” and what do you think about Nokia 8 design and build quality.

Poll results are in and here are the highlights:

  • 40% of respondents to the Poll “Are you planning to buy a Nokia 8” want to buy Nokia 8. This sort of confirms that Nokia 8 has been received well by the Nokia fan-o-sphere.
  • Nokia design, brand name and Zeiss branded camera rank high as the likeliest factors to drive Nokia 8 adoption, show the poll results. Snapdragon 835 and liquid cooling rank 3rd behind above two factors. Pure Android is the driving force for 15%, while around 14% voted for OZO Audio.
  • 40% of poll respondents consider Nokia 8 design and build quality “impresssive”. This is followed by “Satisfactory” which is the choice of around 40% of respondents. Only 10% consider Nokia 8 poorly designed.