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Nokia 8 Poll Results: 40% respondents plan to buy; Nokia Design, brand name & Zeiss camera top drivers for adoption

We had earlier posted three polls to understand your feedback about Nokia 8. These three polls intended to get your responses to quetions like “would you buy a Nokia 8”, “what makes you buy a Nokia 8” and what do you think about Nokia 8 design and build quality.

Poll results are in and here are the highlights:

  • 40% of respondents to the Poll “Are you planning to buy a Nokia 8” want to buy Nokia 8. This sort of confirms that Nokia 8 has been received well by the Nokia fan-o-sphere.
  • Nokia design, brand name and Zeiss branded camera rank high as the likeliest factors to drive Nokia 8 adoption, show the poll results. Snapdragon 835 and liquid cooling rank 3rd behind above two factors. Pure Android is the driving force for 15%, while around 14% voted for OZO Audio.
  • 40% of poll respondents consider Nokia 8 design and build quality “impresssive”. This is followed by “Satisfactory” which is the choice of around 40% of respondents. Only 10% consider Nokia 8 poorly designed.
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  • Lee Stoller

    I will buy 8 & 9 ! L&B !! LS

  • Dan

    Hoping the 9 comes with wireless qi… Would be shitty if it didn’t since none of their other lineups seem to have it. They essentially pioneered Qi in phones too.

  • Gerrard Jr

    i want a better camera and a better design…
    I try to like nokia 8 but its not “wow”
    it’s just….hmnnnnmm

  • DBS

    This is pretty telling of how much of a flop the Nokia 8 is. If it doesn’t convince 60.49% of the readers of a Nokia fanpage, then HMD has done f*ck up.

    Other curious to see it doesn’t impress the majority in what the terrible design is concerned with the majority saying it’s either simply “satisfactory” or downright “poor”.

    But the worse news for HMD come from the 23,9% that value the phone because of the camera…when the Nokia 8 camera, at least on the review units, is utter sh*t, losing even to the likes of the OnePlus 5.

    I also find it curious that only 15,24% value it for having “stock Android”…proving what I’ve been saying for ages: stock Android does NOT sell phones.