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Poll: What do you think of Nokia 8 design & build quality

If you ask for my opinion I will buy Nokia 8 for its design and build quality above anything else. After playing with Nokia 3, 5 and 6; I can tell you that design and build quality wise HMD has done justice to the Nokia brand with its Android range.

Perhaps after seeing Nokia 5 and 6 with a flagship like design and build quality, some fans actually believe that Nokia 8 has a bad design which is not up to the mark for a flagship. But when we look around and see most of manufacturers repeating each others design without any hesitation it actually boils down to the build quality that a smartphone offers. And here is where I see current crop of Nokia Android Phones excelling.

So, here is a poll that wants to collate your views about Nokia 8 design and build quality. This will help in putting to rest the troll comments that we see flying.

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  • aboodesta

    So here is my story: After seeing the announcements of the Nokia 3,5 and 6, I was very unimpressed despite being a die hardcore Nokia fan. Recently, My LG G6’s screen shattered and I was looking to buy a temporary phone till the LG V30 comes out. Being a Nokia fanboy, I picked up a blue Nokia 5, and this changed pretty much everything for me. This phone is drop dead gorgeous! The build quality is amazing, the colour looks fantastic in real life (not so much in renders and pictures), and I was immediately sold on Nokia actually being back with great hardware. Now, I will be seriously considering picking up the Nokia 8, which I would have never even considered if it was not for seeing and handling the Nokia 5 in person. I can’t say I am totally sold though, as I do wish the phone came with less bezels for example, but I have no doubt in my mind, the Nokia 8 will be a fantastic phone.

  • Everson

    The design is meh, but given the very delicate smartphone market situation, the nokia 8 is stunning. hmd made a smartphone with quality build, a very good camera setup (and brought zeiss back), a very unlikely glance screen feature. Add the very capable hardware, ozo spacial audio and the vanilla android into the mix and frankly, how on earth could someone call it a flop in any given context, let alone in their first try?

  • Stinger

    I get your point Dongleboo, styling is subjective. But some folks really are trolling. No doubt about it.

    • Dongleboo

      Maybe I got the message wrong.
      Just recently I’ve started to read the comments more actively and except the regular “it’s awesome” and “it’s awful” comments I didn’t see much troll like comments. 😀
      I got your point though.

  • Dongleboo

    Troll comments? Simply because people share their negative opinions doesn’t mean they’re trolls.
    Not everyone is completely satisfied with what HMD released, including me.

    • Kamal

      Don’t take it upon yourself. It is not only limited to NPU.