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Poll: Will history repeat itself with Lumia X30 devices & Redstone??

Microsoft has done it twice already. Once when they left Windows Phone 7.5 devices user high and dry and didn’t offer them upgrade path to Windows Phone 8. And now with leaving Lumia X20 device users out of Windows 10 Mobile upgrade cycle when most of the devices have been able to run Windows 10 Mobile‘s badly broken Alpha and Beta versions successfully for more than one year.

So, take the poll and do let us know what you think about prospects of Lumia X30 devices going forward. Will Microsoft use these devices as Guinea Pigs and will refuse to upgrade when Redstone hits.

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  • FigoiFago

    I think x3x series will not recive Redstone, but L640 has the same hardware as L730, 735 and 830 so this devices should also recive update to Redstone. Who knows what Microsoft will decide.

  • penultimateName

    Maybe unfortunate if not included but look at the issues with the PC OS when trying to work for all computers. Once Microsoft decided not to support PC’s from the beginning of time we got innovation and optimization. They should try to work for at least two generations. Then let Microsoft innovate as long as it is not done just to refresh the hardware. I certainly believe Apple makes changes just to sell hardware. Make the changes to advance the technology.

  • wallis

    Hopefully m$ aren’t wasting time optimising new software for obsolete hardware. I have an 830.

  • I think the end game is for full support on devices that run UWA and Continuum, I cant see support being carried over for older devices, nor even on some of the x50 devices.

  • Pankaj

    I think they made right decision by not Upgrading x20 or 512MB RAM devices. The truth is W10M hangs n has lot of performance issues on low power device( I’m using on L720 n belive me its smooth in ideal state for basic work but try opening 2-3 apps same time u will know) n its freaking 4yr old device. those who want to use, they have option to do via insider n there is not a single bit difference in OS (via official or Insider). BTW which 4 year Android device getting Android N Update??? Ask your self

    • trnz

      Then why did msft claim that all wp 8.1 devices will be updated to w10m? They could have told this from the start. I am a lumia 720 user too but i am not personally satisfied with w10m at its current state. Msft should have further optimised the os for the 512mb devices since they made the claim of updating all the wp 8.1 devices regarding their specs.

      • Pankaj

        Ya u r rite on the point they should not have made a promise to update all WP8/8.1 device. but i think MSFT did a lot to optimize for 512MB device..u can cut some features but u cant compromise the future of an OS for Old hardware. its like optimizing Windows 10 for a 1GB RAM desktop. technology need to catch up n u cant stuck on old technology n waste ur time on that. I think MS wasted there effort n time to bring W10M for 512MB. Now they are doing the right thing for next W10M build (Redstone) n this time they r not promising to bring redstone to older lumias. but again see the wrath of costumers. Do anything people will complain.

        • trnz

          Its is not that i am upset for not updating my beloved lumia, no, its their false claim that made me upset. And yes like you said msft did their best to optimize the os for 512mb devices. I first installed w10m tp 10586.11 and with each cumulative update i could notice the difference. 2. You pointed out about the technology needs to catch up. Don’t you think msft is doing that with devices like the 950 and the xl. I personally think that it could be a credit for msft if they had updated older lumias because none of the android oems are doing that on their budget/older devices and if they do update it, it would be a nightmare for those users. And i hope they don’t give false claim for the redstone update.

          • Pankaj

            Ya I’m upset too for false claim n people r free to criticize msft for that. n I hope they do rite this time with redstone.

  • trnz

    msft will introduce the tp (or whatever the name they are going to give for the beta version) version of redstone to x30 devices and later claims that oh sorry your devices are not capable to run the latest version of windows.