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Nokia 8 Display & Audio test: Outdoors, Video watching, Viewing angles & more

Continuing with our detailed hands-on coverage of Nokia 8 We have now tested the display and audio output quality of Nokia 8. Nokia 8 comes with a 5.3” IPS LCD display with QHD resolution. It has a high brightness of 700 nits and also comes with Nokia Sunlight reading technology

Nokia 8 now stuns iPhone X in speed test (real-life performance)

We last reported about Nokia 8 beating both iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8+ in speed tests conducted by various YouTube channels. So, how does the Nokia's affordable flagship perform against the pricey $1000 iPhone X?? One YouTube channel has already compared real-life performance between Nokia 8 and iPhone X

Nokia 8 Camera review. Nokia 8 vs Lumia 1020 camera comparison

In this article, we will review Nokia 8 cameras (both rear and front) and will also compare the rear camera against the Lumia 1020 camera, which is still the gold standard of smartphone imaging. Nokia 8 is the affordable flagship from HMD and is the first phone ever to pack

Nokia Mobile brings new Justice League trailer (exclusive). Nokia 8 owners (UK) can win a trip to L.A & other prizes

Nokia Mobile has collaborated with the makers of upcoming big superhero movie "Justice League" to promote the flagship Nokia 8. The Nokia Mobile YouTube channel has posted a new and exclusive Justice league trailer "What makes us". You can watch this brand-new Justice league trailer in Nokia 8 frame in the video. While you

Nokia top selling feature phones brand in Russia, thanks to Nokia 3310’s success

Nokia is back to the top feature phones brand position in Russia. Partner data reports from many manufacturers for the month of September show that Nokia Phones held 16.1% market share in Russia. As per the report, In September the share of Nokia phones in the Russian market in physical terms reached 16.1%. Its

Nokia 8 beats iPhone 8 Plus & Galaxy S8+ in speed tests

Nokia 8 is the affordable Nokia Android flagship that runs on Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM (standard global version). iPhone 8 Plus is one of the 2018 flagship smartphones from Apple meant for those who don't really want to go for iPhone X for many possible reasons. Galaxy S8+ is

Nokia 9 custom-made covers with dummy phone in images. Has headphone jack

While there is no official confirmation about the existence of the upcoming ultimate flagship Nokia 9 yet, rumors and leaks have been plentiful. Now bit surprisingly custom-designed Nokia 9 covers are already selling on Amazon US. While it is common for case/cover manufacturers to list cases/covers of all leaked/rumored phones, you

New Nokia TA-1054 certified in China. Is it Nokia 9?

A new Nokia Android smartphone has passed compulsory certification in China. TA-1054 follows TA-1041 and TA-1042 in the certification. TA-1041 was launched as Nokia 7 and TA-1042 is still unknown. So, TA-1054 passing certification makes it very interesting as we now have two yet to be launched smartphones TA-1042 and TA-1054,