nokia 8000 4g

The Nokia 8000 4G is not a new device. In fact, its more than 2 years now since it was launched. But, there is no device like the Nokia 8000 4G out there. The beautifully crafted Nokia 8000 4G is a premium looking device in the smarter phone segment.

In my previous reviews of Kai OS devices, it is clear that the design of the device is very crucial to have a good experience. Despite being a modern operating system, it does feel laggy and clunky. The experience is improved with devices that have a larger build with wells spaced keypad. With the Nokia 8000 4G, Kai OS is given the premium treatment.

The glass like glossy body combined with a fluid like design that curves all around gently really looks and feels great unlike the many Kai OS devices out there. Essentially, the Nokia 8000 4G is powered by similar hardware. A Qualcomm 210 platform with 512MB or RAM and 4GB of expandable storage. The 1500mAh battery gives you a day and half of mild to moderate use and it is recharged via a micro USB cable. I am still hoping that we can get to experience USB Type C in feature phone or smarter phone this year.

The dual 4G device means you do get to enjoy faster connectivity and even use the device as a hotspot. Kai OS v2.5 supports Whatsapp and the Google integration is what makes this device stand taller than the regular feature phones out there. The 2.8in LCD display with 16million colours is adequate and the speaker is loud and clear. Unfortunately, the FM radio requires wired connection for its reception unlike the other feature phones from Nokia which offers wireless FM function, which is an amazing upgrade.

The ever expanding Kai OS app store , along with access to key Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps and calendar integration is certainly what many are looking for for their smarter device. We will have to see how the Kai OS platform progresses this year, but for now, devices like the Nokia 8000 4G might be the smart dumb phone you need.

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