We recently conducted two polls on our Twitter account. One poll was about the “Security patch” status of Nokia smartphones to understand whether HMD is living up to its promise of keeping its smartphones up-to-date. As one can see in the screenshot above, it seems 91% of the respondents are rocking the “December Security update” on their smartphones.

While the final number of the respondents is close to 1000, the poll does show that HMD has been largely successful in keeping devices updated with the latest security updates. 3% respondents are on November patch, 2% on October while 4% on even older patches.

In another Poll, we asked our followers to share their views about display design that they want to see on Nokia smartphones. Interestingly a big majority of respondents want to see a display without a notch on their future Nokia smartphones. Though they want to see less bezel area too. 24% would like display with camera hole and only 10%  each want to see notch, normal or tear-drop.