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Update: Nokia smartphones to keep getting exclusive Zeiss experiences, says HMD. Sony Xperia 1 II to launch with Zeiss Optics

Update: HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas took to Twitter to welcome Sony on joining the Zeiss family and also sought to clarify that Nokia smartphones will keep getting exclusive Zeiss experiences. Perhaps by the Zeiss experiences, he meant exclusive editing modes like Zeiss Swirl, Modern...

HMD needs a standalone & cheaper Nokia smartphone portfolio adopting “better specs for money” strategy

It is certainly easier said than done but the way current Nokia smartphones are not really setting the markets on fire, HMD needs to revisit its smartphone startegy for sure. This quarter Nokia is not among the top 10 smartphone brands reveals the report...

Nokia World Photography Day competition open now. Participate and win a brand new Nokia 9 PureView, 8.1 and 4.2

Nokia is celebrating World's Photography Day, which is today, by holding a competition. If you're using a Nokia smartphone, you can enter into the competition right now. To participate in the competition, you'll have to follow some simple steps. You'll need to capture a few...

[Nokia Contest] Learn photography from the ace photographer Avinash Gowarikar

Own a Nokia Android Smartphone? Want to learn photography? If the response is affirmative then you are in luck. HMD will help you to reach out to India's ace photographer Avinash Gowarikar and there you will get to know many things about photography from the...

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds win iFDesign Award 2019

Many of you might not aware of the fact that besides smartphones HMD also manufactures Nokia branded wireless earbuds. And to appreciate the beautiful design of the latest Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, the company was honored with the iFDesign Award 2019. This is for the...

Nokia 3.1 is considerably faster than Nokia 3: Geekbench score

Nokia 3.1 is considerably faster than the Nokia 3 as per Geekbench score. The result though is an obvious one given than Nokia 3.1 is a successor to Nokia 3 which was launched in India back in June 2017.  Both the Nokia 3 and...

Now iPhone X Face ID fails in telling between Siblings & Half-brothers

We just shared how the $1000 iPhone X is very fragile and its ugly notch interferes with the user experience. And now one of the most important security feature fails to live up to Apple's hype. While Face ID or facial biometric identification has...

The $1000 iPhone X is very fragile & that ugly notch affects user experience

Apple's ultimate flagship smartphone iPhone X is now available to buy and many unlucky buyers are soon becoming aware of two harsh realities about the pricey $1000 iPhone. iPhone X is very fragile: One drop is enough to break the glass back and front. Many videos...

Ultimate Competition to beat for Nokia 9: Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus have been launched

Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in a "Samsung Unpacked" event yesterday. While the smartphone arena is packed with many vendors and daily smartphone launches, Samsung has been the undisputed leader to beat. As expected, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy...

Nokia seeks documents & testimony from Samsung in case against Apple

We last reported about Nokia suing Apple for patent infringements. Apple has already been a Nokia Patents licensee since 2011 and this patent licensing agreement ended on December 31 2016. Under terms of this agreement, Apple paid one time huge sum and was committed...

We may see a 4G Nokia feature Phone soon, as Qualcomm launches Qualcomm 205 Processor

Nokia features Phones are still in much demand in many emerging markets. This is the reason we have seen many recent launches of Nokia features Phones and many are waiting for the new and shiny Nokia 3310 (2017). But only drawback that we have...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner may not be a match to Lumia 950 / XL’s Scanner

Microsoft packed Lumia 950 / 950 XL with Industry-first Iris Scanners on smartphones that allows one to unlock the smartphones using these scanners. But in spite of being the very first implementation case on a smartphone, it works impressively well even with glasses /...


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