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The $1000 iPhone X is very fragile & that ugly notch affects user experience

Apple’s ultimate flagship smartphone iPhone X is now available to buy and many unlucky buyers are soon becoming aware of two harsh realities about the pricey $1000 iPhone.

iPhone X is very fragile:

One drop is enough to break the glass back and front. Many videos and images are doing rounds and it is really pathetic to see Apple using such brittle material on its flagship smartphone.

This tweet from well-known Tom Warren has an image of iPhone X with glass back badly shattered.

That ugly notch is also affecting user-experience:

If any other company had done such a design blunder they could have been clobbered by fans and media but Apple is such heavyweight with an amazing marketing team. The ugly notch on iPhone X interferes a lot with the user-experience as clearly demoed by many on Twitter.

HMD is soon expected to launch its ultimate flagship Nokia 9 with a 3D glass back and frontal design. And we just heard HMD CPO Juho Sravikas talking about “transparent yet resilient material” as an area of absolute interest for HMD R&D team. So, hopefully, Nokia 9 design and durability would be able to yet again provide some handy lessons to Apple design team.


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  • Boogieman

    Only aceeptable replacement for alu back is graphene, titanium, stainless steel.
    Glass breaks no matter what and if nokia goes down that road, the press wont be gentle if it breaks easy. Nokia is expected to be solid but noone praises that, but im sure that the opposite will be heard as raging critisism. Dont make that mistake Nokia/HMD 😉

  • Rob Beijendorf

    The fragility of the iPhone X is the same as all other glass-metal-glass phones, which is to say “very fragile”. If anything, I believe the iPhone X will fare slightly better in drops, as they have included a plastic buffer between the metal edge and glass panels which should absorb some of the impact.
    Nokia did the same thing on the Nokia 6, and a slightly similar thing with a plastic buffer on the corners of the Nokia 8.

    This whole trend of “premium” materials (glass isn’t really premium, it’s cheap) is ridiculous, as it only reduces the longevity of our devices. Unfortunately I don’t think Nokia will have figured out a new material to replace the standard glass rear panels yet, unless they go back to polycarbonate designs.

    What Nokia CAN do is make their phones easier and cheaper to repair though. This is where Apple has set their money-trap for their customers, with repairs costing 50 % of the price of the phone. If Nokia insist on going with the glass-rear trend, lets at least hope they ensure a repair can be made easily and without compromising waterproofing.

  • serversurfer

    I feel NO compassion with iSheeps! How mentally disturbed you have to be to purchase a 1400€ device with specs you have already seen on Android-Devices (at least) a year ago! I´m not a Android-fanboy (au contraire!), but have a look on ebay and search for “iPhone X”- it´s soooo sick!

    • Naman Varshney

      Whatever the reason is apple will still sell millions of iPhone x there are millions of blind isheeps who will buy it with blind eyes apple has kinda hipnotised them jokes apart if apple starts selling real apple fruits at rate of 10 $ per piece these isheeps will buy it too and meanwhile tim cook will be speaking these r the world’s freshest and juiciest apples ever grown and I m proud announce no one has done it earlier 😂😂😂😂

  • Sankar Pillay Hovelly

    Great article. Hopefully Nokia does it right

    • Kamal

      Thanks and we too hope so..