Many of you might not aware of the fact that besides smartphones HMD also manufactures Nokia branded wireless earbuds. And to appreciate the beautiful design of the latest Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, the company was honored with the iFDesign Award 2019. This is for the first time Nokia under HMD’s watch is receiving such honor.

HMD Global’s Head of social media took, Edoardo Cassina took to Twitter to share the news.

However, the Earbuds are not available for purchase in India. In other markets such as Europe, they will cost you around 100 euros.

Nokia again getting such honor is definitely a good sign both for Nokia fans and HMD. Back in the days when Nokia was the undisputed king in the smartphone market, it bagged many such awards. The award is not only a feather in HMD’s hat but also a testament to the fact that Nokia’s future under HMD’s care is safe and secure.