We just shared how the $1000 iPhone X is very fragile and its ugly notch interferes with the user experience. And now one of the most important security feature fails to live up to Apple’s hype. While Face ID or facial biometric identification has arrived on iPhones very late as compared to the pioneering Lumias it is already failing to live up to Apple’s claim of “most refined” implementation.

Latest videos show how iPhone X Face ID fails in distinguishing between siblings who are not twins or even look very similar. Another video shows how it can be fooled by even half-brothers different in age significantly.

IPhoneX Face ID fail? from iphone

If you drop an iPhone X and end up with broken glass you need to shell $500 for the replacement. On top of that failure of a much-hyped yet heavily copied feature raises a big question mark on Apple’s latest and the costliest offering ever. It will be interesting to see how Apple’s amazing marketing team RFDes it all with “you are holding it wrong” punchline.