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Lumia 950 XL Iris Scanner Demo in Dark & with Sunglasses on

Lumia 950 XL Iris Scanner

So, here is our second Lumia 950 XL hands-on demo video (Click here for our first video) in the Lumia 950 XL coverage series!! In this video we test how good the “Windows Hello” or Iris Scanner feature actually is in the real-life use-case scenarios. So, we test it in indoor lighting and in Dark and also with Sunglasses on. We are impressed with how fast the Scanner works and even can identify the “Iris” in whatever lighting conditions and even with Sunglasses on.

Check the video below.

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  • dpgo1

    In real life one of most useless features I ever had in the phone. Seriously, you have to stare directly into the phone, which means that the feature is useless in the car or on the office desk. At least for now, fingerprint would have been better. Thanks for the video though.

  • marshliono

    good review… we need more like this. Not just the product review, but certain hardware reviews, like your one.

    Keep it up!

  • Iain Simpson

    that’s a pretty impressive demo on what a windows phone can do and how fast it can do it. How is the battery life with the iris scanner enabled?

    • Kamal

      We have the device (review unit) for last two days only and have charged it once. It is still going strong at 32%, so I would say pretty good. Just to mention it is on Build 10586.63.

  • robertwade

    Maybe that’s unique to the XL. My experience and my wife’s experience with our 950 devices is NOT like that. Most of the time, despite countless recalibrations, it either takes WAY too long to recognize us or simply fails completely. The PIN is always consistent and MUCH faster. Microsoft Fail.

    • Kamal

      Not sure about your experience but both Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have same Iris Scanner units so don’t think it should be that bad, but honestly I haven’t played with Lumia 950’s scanner so far.

  • Demian

    Awesome video!

    • Kamal

      Thanks for your nice comment.