Nokia OZO, the virtual reality camera has won the prestigious iF Gold Award for Product Design in the 2016 international competition. It is considered to be the highest iF Design honor. Nokia Technologies Design team is certainly elated with this honor.

The entire OZO team at Nokia Technologies is honored to receive this recognition. Our goal with OZO was to create the first camera and software designed top to bottom for one purpose: making virtual reality. With OZO, Nokia design is giving a face to virtual reality. Every aspect of the industrial design was approached with purpose and precision: a camera fully machined in aluminum, built to maximize efficiency and technology, and enable a simple production workflow for creative professionals — helping them create experiences that are truly immersive, and that will define a transformational new medium.

We are incredibly happy to have our efforts recognized by one of the world’s most prestigious and respected design competitions.

Nokia OZO is the first ever professional Virtual Reality camera for content creators. It captures 360° spherical video and 360×360 surround sound as well. Here is what the Judges has to say about OZO.

This Virtual Reality Camera for OZO marks a new archetype in its category, a new formal approach. The image quality is exceptional, the relationship between massing and detailing is excellent and the technology is cutting edge. Furthermore, the graphics and colors are deftly handled. This is really an unexpected entry, which won over the judges with both its functionality and its novel design.