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Nokia announces VR content creation partnership with Technicolor

Nokia has entered into a partnership with Technicolor for promoting its VR camera Nokia OZO+. This partnership will result into creation of VR content using Nokia OZO+. The first project under this partnership will focus on 360 Masterclass sessions to be held at the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) in Los Angeles.

Nokia posts video demoing OZO’s amazing Spatial audio quality

Nokia OZO is the dream VR capture device with amazing audio and video quality. Coming to audio, OZO captures spatial audio natively and it leaves you mesmerized with its quality. Nokia has now posted a video that very well demos the difference between audio quality between OZO and others. Check the

Nokia OZO update 1.4 brings new imaging features & OZO Software Suite for Windows

Nokia has released OZO software update 1.4.0 that not only brings new imaging features but also OZO Software Suite for Windows. It delivers significant improvements to image quality through both in-camera enhancements via firmware, as well as increased power, flexibility, and control through new features offered through our included OZO