After announcing OZO Reality Platform and major updates for its OZO VR Camera, Nokia has now introduced OZO storytellers program. The program aims to put OZO+ into hands of as many more talented video-makers as possible.

In order for VR to truly succeed, we want as many creative visions as possible to be realized through the power of our technology. That’s why today we’re also introducing the OZO Storytellers Program — to help more content creators make amazing VR content, and put OZO+ into more talented hands who will take it to places no one’s ever been before.

Nokia is offering big discount of $15,000 on the official Nokia OZO price of $40,000 for those applying for Nokia Storytellers program. This converts to discounted pricing of €23,500 in Europe and ¥220,888 in China.

While OZO Storytellers will help Nokia in further improving its VR offerings, it will also help them in sharing their content to a broad range of audiences.

As OZO Storytellers, participants will play a vital role in shaping the vision and language of the VR medium. By sharing valuable insights and feedback with Nokia, they will help inform the continuing evolution of our best-in-class VR products and solutions. OZO Storytellers will also share content captured using OZO+ with Nokia, and be able to reach a broad range of audiences including partners throughout the ecosystem as well as consumers.

How to Apply:

Click here to get started. Applications are accepted until June 18, 2017.

Source: OZO Blog