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ASUS ROG Phone 5 features Nokia OZO Audio tech

Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS has now implemented OZO Audio in its ROG Phone 5 series of gaming smartphones. The ROG Phone 3 series also had OZO Audio implementation. Nokia OZO official account confirmed this on Twitter. The OZO Audio implementation brings both enhanced audio capture and...

ASUS ZenFone 7 Series to also feature Nokia OZO Audio tech

Recently we reported about Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS implementing OZO Audio in its ASUS ROG Phone 3 series of gaming smartphones. Now, ASUS has implemented OZO Audio in its ASUS ZenFone 7 Series of smartphone too that has been launched on August 26. As reported by...

ASUS ROG Phone 3 series features Nokia OZO Audio tech in its “fullest implementation”

Recently many smartphone/camera manufacturers have chosen Nokia OZO Audio tech as the audio capturing solution on their smartphones. Now, we can add one more name to this list, as Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS has also implemented OZO Audio in its ASUS ROG Phone 3 series...

Panasonic’s Lumix G100 camera featuring Nokia OZO Audio targets Vloggers

Panasonic has launched a new mirrorless camera Lumix G100 targetting Vloggers. The good news is that the audio capture of Lumix G100 camera is powered by Nokia OZO Audio technology. The Lumix G100 camera is the first device featuring OZO Audio that can dynamically adjust...

The flagship OnePlus 8 Pro packs Nokia OZO Audio technology with Audio 3D, Audio Zoom & Audio Windscreen features

With OnePlus 8 Pro, Nokia has sealed another impressive deal for its OZO Audio technology. The latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus packs Nokia OZO Audio features; Audio 3D, Audio Zoom & Audio Windscreen. Before OnePlus 8 Pro, Flagship 5G smartphones from OPPO OPPO Find X2...

OPPO Find X2 & X2 Pro pack Nokia OZO Audio features: Audio 3D, Audio Zoom & Audio Windscreen

OPPO has today announced its Flagship 5G smartphones Find X2 and Find X2 Pro powered by Snapdragon 865 and with a 120Hz screen refresh rate. But now it seems both Find X2 and Find X2 Pro also feature Nokia OZO Audio goodness just like...

Axon uses OZO Audio tech in its new body Camera “Body 3”

Axon is the US’s largest supplier of body cameras and many other safety equipments. For its upcoming body camera, Body 3, Axon has employed OZO audio technology for quality audio recording. As mentioned by Axon in its blog post, Juha Alakarhu joining the Axon team...

Nokia confirms OPPO Reno 10x Zoom uses OZO Audio tech

We earlier reported about Nokia licensing its OZO Audio technology to OPPO as revealed in its earnings for Q1 2019. Now, Nokia has confirmed in an official press release that OPPO Flagship Reno 10x Zoom will feature OZO Audio. Nokia has always been interested in...

Nokia OZO changes focus to consumer experiences, opens VR tech for others

Nokia has announced some welcome changes to its Digital Media business strategy. Nokia OZO media technologies will now focus on enabling consumer experiences by providing solutions like OZO Audio to its customers. This change in focus is the result of VR market developing slower than...

Nokia releases OZO Player SDK Version 1.3.0, extends to Windows Mixed Reality

OZO Player SDK
Nokia has officially released OZO Player SDK version 1.3.0 for VR or Mixed Reality developers. The OZO Player SDK (software development kit) empowers developers to efficiently add VR and mixed reality playback support to cross-platform applications. It supports all standard video and 360° formats, as...

Nokia announces VR content creation partnership with Technicolor

Nokia has entered into a partnership with Technicolor for promoting its VR camera Nokia OZO+. This partnership will result into creation of VR content using Nokia OZO+. The first project under this partnership will focus on 360 Masterclass sessions to be held at the Technicolor...

Nokia partners with Disney for VR content to complement Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Nokia has entered into a multi-year virtual reality (VR) partnership with The Walt Disney Studio. This agreement between Nokia and The Walt Disney Studios will see Nokia providing its OZO VR camera and software solutions to Disney. It will enable Disney filmmakers to create VR experiences...

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