With OnePlus 8 Pro, Nokia has sealed another impressive deal for its OZO Audio technology. The latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus packs Nokia OZO Audio features; Audio 3D, Audio Zoom & Audio Windscreen.

Before OnePlus 8 Pro, Flagship 5G smartphones from OPPO OPPO Find X2 and Find X2 Pro also featured Nokia OZO Audio technology. Nokia confirmed this in a press release at its official Nokia site.

The latest OnePlus 8 Pro features three OZO Audio features for capturing true-to-life audio in the highest quality in videos: Audio 3D, Audio Zoom and Audio Windscreen. Audio 3D enables users to capture natural, spatial sound recordings; whilst Audio Windscreen dramatically reduces wind distortion in the audio. The Audio Zoom functionality is linked to the visual zoom of the smartphone’s camera, allowing users to dynamically identify and amplify sounds to correspond with zoomed and magnified video.

Nokia’s top mid-range to flagship smartphones have been featuring OZO Audio recording as one of the major features. But with new deals, it seems Nokia is out to claim a good chunk of smartphone audio technology market share.