Axon is the US’s largest supplier of body cameras and many other safety equipments. For its upcoming body camera, Body 3, Axon has employed OZO audio technology for quality audio recording.

As mentioned by Axon in its blog post, Juha Alakarhu joining the Axon team after leaving Nokia imaging team may have helped Nokia in getting this deal.

For starters, we’re incorporating Nokia’s OZO Audio technology, a leading edge spatial audio capture and processing solution featured in some of the world’s most advanced smartphones. (Fun fact: We were introduced to the Finland-based OZO team by our VP of Imaging, Juha Alakarhu, who worked on some imaging magic for Axon Body 3 from our offices in Tampere.) There may be other audio technologies incorporated in the future that can be accommodated by the hardware.

The implementation of OZO Audio was a difficult task which needed a custom acoustic design of OZO Audio for the Body 3.

In partnering to integrate OZO Audio features into body-worn cameras, our product teams were tasked to solve for complex acoustic challenges, notably on a device that is worn directly against the body, a large impediment to overcome when gathering accurate spatial audio.

After meticulous testing of the unique acoustic design of this product, the end result is a device with crystal clear dialog and sound capture that overcome everyday challenges such as wind and distracting background noise.

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