Nokia & QMUL research find a way to charge a phone with Sound (Voice)

Nokia has collaborated with Queen Mary University of London to pursue a research project which enables charging of a phone with sounds we hear everyday. Nokia worked with QMUL to produce a prototype of the size of a Lumia 925, which uses key properties...

Cortana to get a lot smarter. Can tell Dog breed & will be Researcher’s dream assistant

Cortana is not only your smart Windows Phone personal assistant, it has recently earned a reputation of being the most accurate Football world cup soothsayer with a record to envy and  match. And, very soon it will evolve to grow much smarter!! It will...

Microsoft patents Nokia’s Z Launcher kind of Windows Phone UI concept.

Microsoft has patented a new Windows Phone UI concept which can very well be implemented in future. In fact, we have seen similar implementation in recently launched Nokia's Z Launcher for Android. So, concept wise both work similarly. Z Launcher predicts what apps you...

Official Nokia Z launcher & other hands-on videos. Apps launch with gestures also demoed

So, here are official Nokia Z launcher and two other hands-on demo videos. This is really one smart application! Not only it predicts what apps you will use at some point of time during day, it also presents those apps on screen. In case...

Nokia demos two 5.9 inch Foldable OLED displays at SID 2014. Some Cool images.

Nokia has stolen some limelight at recently conduct SID 2014, by displaying two foldable OLED panels. These panels have sizes of 5.9 inch, a display resolution of 1,280 x 720 and 249ppi pixel density. Nokia has worked with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL)  for developing...

Two Nokia patents reveal hover & gesture based file transfer, search & launching of apps.

WMPU has reported about two Nokia patents, which reveal how seriously Nokia is working towards bringing gesture based interaction to Lumias. We have earlier covered Nokia patent  about "Hover-based interaction" or something which Nokia may finally bring to Lumia range as 3D-touch, according to...

Nokia patents ‘wearable glass’ interaction by tracking eye gaze & hand gestures.

Nokia has been interested in developing a wearable glass is a known fact. We had earlier reported two patents which talk about displaying information on a see-though display and another talks about eye-movement tracking with help of a sensor. The latest patent granted to...

Nokia patents new Flexible Battery with “Swiss roll” design.

We have reported about Nokia getting a patent on foldable battery. Now one more Battery patent reveals a new flexible battery design which looks like a "Swiss roll". The patent clearly mentions about requirement of such Batteries for flexible devices which can be mechanically...

Nokia working on touch-active Bezels for smartphones and Tablets.

A recent Nokia patent reveals that Lumia smartphone and Tablets may have active Bezels in future. Bezels are top and bottom and surrounding perimeter area in tablets, which house hardware buttons, FFC, sensor and exist for easy handling of these touch display devices in...

Nokia Video: How to charge your phone by dancing.

Innovation and sustainability are the two values Nokia really strives for! This sometimes leads to some crazily innovative ideas like "charging your phone with lightning" or as we will see in below video titled "How to charge your phone by dancing".

A Nokia patent talks about partial lock mode showing content & allowing user interactions.

A recent Nokia patent reveals a very practical and welcome feature (if it ever makes to any of the Nokia phones in future). The patent talks about "Partial lock mode". As the name suggests, this is indeed a lock mode for the phone, but...

MS: Virtual Assistant in the works. Can understand questions & intentions behind them.

Cortana has been in news ever since "Virtual Assistant" coming to Windows Phone with Windows Phone 8.1 has been widely reported and rumored. Now, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, Head of Microsoft Research Peter Lee discusses Microsoft's use of artificial intelligence and also...

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