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Claimed Microsoft Surface Phone renders leak in china. Bears the Surface Phone name.

We have been posting exclusive bits about upcoming Microsoft Flagship Surface Phone, that may or may not be called “Surface Phone” finally. Now, a leakster known for many smartphone leaks in China has posted images of a unknown Microsoft branded smartphone. What is very interesting is that the device shown in leaked renders bears “Surface Phone” name. Check the leaked images below.

It is difficult to vouch for authenticity of these images. These may or mayn’t be the latest Surface Phone prototypes and may belong to the Intel Chip powered Surface Phone cancelled by Microsoft.

We recently reported exclusive details including some specs and features of Microsoft’s upcoming flagship Surface Phone. Now a new report emerges from China claiming Pegatron as the ODM of choice for production of Surface Phone by Microsoft.

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In one of his recent interviews Satya Nadella had talked about being in market for the ultimate mobile device.  In a previous Interview he talked about creating Phone Categories with “some new form, new function, new value added”. At Microsoft’s annual meeting, Satya Nadella told shareholders that they are not stepping away from mobile devices.

Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!

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  • Future_master

    Looks like it will have a user-replaceable battery. There are no SIM an SD card slots in the image and the body looks like it has a back cover. If all of this is true, it is going to be awesome.

  • Future_master

    Should be an upgrade for Lumia 1020…

  • JDarchini

    I hope this comes with snapdragon 835 and the new windows 10 emulation

    • Future_master

      If it doesn’t, it would not be successful and damage the Surface brand, which is known for X86 apps.

  • Admire You

    will buy it 🙂

  • ChrisPydtank

    Well for starters, does anybody agree that the charger port looks micro USB? I tried to compare my 950XL port to this one and it seems more flat and slightly longer on one side than USB-C. There is no reason for Microsoft to return to a old port, especially for continuum sake… So could be old phone never released.

    Second, as a surface phone, you won’t ever think Microsoft would ever leave out the pen and KB cover. Those would be game changers and any MS big guns say they “want this to be different and never seen before by competitors'”.

  • Hacklove666

    It looks genuine still ugly (L950 Owner)

  • bennyj

    Definitely disappointed in the look of that device and I’m a 950xl owner!

  • Yngve Larssen

    I think it looks nice, and it stands out from the crowd.
    Wireless charging is a big plus for me.
    It looks like it has dual speakers (stereo?), and the lens description says something like 7-14mm. Also seems like a mechanical shutter, and a new type led flash unit that maybe could combine a state of the art led flash with properties into xenon flash territory. Anyone managed to read the f-stop on this lens?
    Screen is also big big, so even if this is a 6 ” screen, the phone could itself could be like, or slightly smaller, than my 950xl in size.

  • Big Dooze

    I was hoping for the stylus and/or keyboard cover

  • SBL

    Most probably fake one.the carl zeiss branding indicates that.its now zeiss only

    • Kilgore Trout

      Well, I am guessing you have never seen a Lumia 950 or 950XL. And if you did, I would guess you would probably think that they were fake too.

      • SBL

        Yep.and there were some fake images too for that. WC bought original renders and think WC also told about Zeiss optics.Not sure though

        • Kilgore Trout

          I remember the WC article. I wouldn’t write these off as fake just because of discrepancies in labeling the camera lens. That is all. Not claiming these are the real thing.

  • RbrtSfrn

    Lumiastic back camera Pureview look. Another Lumiastic plastic feeling. Think that this is wrong teaser from wrong time capsule’s. But nevertheless, if there will be some future Surface mobile 6″ device suggest MS to ask insiders and real w10m lovers about the specs and the look. Just rewind topics from 930 – 950 series. Hardware assembly is easy at the end. Software will be crucial for success.

    • FMukbil27

      This device look good, several Surface component!!
      I don’t see any problem with being Lumiastic, the polycarbonate gives it durability, wireless charging, and Sexy colors ?

      • RbrtSfrn

        Don’t wanna by Mozo back cover again. Premium device needs premium look and premium feel. 650$ for PC is robbery. Talking about my 950xl.

        • FMukbil27

          then don’t Buy it

          • RbrtSfrn

            Smart one must say.

        • Johan Spånberg

          Is aluminium premium for you, because if it is you will need a lot more protection. They scuff very easily.

          • RbrtSfrn

            Please, don’t get me wrong. Something like leaked rumour device is just something to rumour about. And we are arguing about something total irrelevant and not even proved. But yes, premium feel with aluminium edge (aka L650) is something I prefer. Also sayin that I’m
            willing to pay even more for device if it is nice, well build, smooth operating, safe and secure with updates. I’m not Apple fan to pay 1000$ for something valued 350$ just to promote my richness or social status, and that is the relationship that I want to build with MS. I’m willing to pay substantial amount but I will not let anybody to fool me around and sell me VW for Mercedes price.

      • RbrtSfrn

        That good looking device stuck in end 2015. And it is Nokias heritage. In 2017 (or after) we need bombshell device looking like Surface studio.

        • FMukbil27

          I believe you mean metal, Lumia 925 and 930 are the perfect combination, look nice + brings the durability of polycarbonate and the low weight ++ take in mind the heat ((although there’s liquid cooling)

    • Aasheesh Vats
      • RbrtSfrn

        I though that I have been cleared. I’m not talking about angle. Talking about taste POV. My L950xl looks way better than this one. In that picture the most premium look is living room.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Looks good to me.

    • Read our round-up of all the Microsoft Surface Phone leaks, rumors, concepts posted yet. You can read our full Surface Phone coverage by clicking here.