Nokia smartphone shipments have been on a decline, as Q4 2019 results showed and because of the COVID19 impact, Q1 2020 may have been even worse. In Western Europe, the Nokia smartphones saw a sales share decline of 19% Year-on-Year, the Q1 2020 report by analyst firm Canalys reveals.

But even with a 19% sales decline, Nokia was 5th top brand in the Western European market, it seems.

While HMD is shown to have only a 2% market share in Western Europe, it is ranked 5th behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi. While Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have also shed market share, Xiaomi seems to be the top beneficiary in terms of market share.

With Chinese manufacturers playing the more specs for less price game it has become quite difficult for recently launched Nokia smartphones to have a meaningful impact in terms of market share. Nokia 5.3 with a well-rounded package and Nokia 8.3 5G with the latest 5G processor and other features should help HMD in crawling back if they can sort out the availability.