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Satya Nadella: Microsoft creating Phone categories with “some new form, new function, new value added”

We just reported about Terry Myerson talking about Windows 10 Mobile Devices with ARM chips and cellular connectivity and now we have some more from CEO Nadella. Satya Nadella has also talked about creating Phone Categories with “some new form, new function, new value added”.

In an interview to WSJ, he has to say this.

We have devices which are phones today. But the place where we are focused is, what is the unique thing that our phone can do? So for example, we have a phone that can replace your PC, the same way that we have a tablet that can replace your laptop. Those are the categories we want to create. We need some new form, new function, new value added.”

In an earlier interview too, Satya has talked about Microsoft’s strategy of building upon the unique capability of Continuum for Phones and expecting it to carve a new category of “Continuum Phones”. We have reported via our sources that Surface Phone may not be just another phone but a 3-in-1 form factor device in itself.

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  • Arthur

    This is really the only space/niche that Microsoft can leverage their position in the Enterprise to grow but not in a half-assed sort of way that is Continuum in its current form. I’m in IT and not only would I not advise my employer invest in a full on HP X3 set up (since the X3 is the Continuum halo device right now) but it is legitimately not a realistic option for our users. The use-case is extremely limited and for it to be a viable alternative to a traditional laptop/dock/monitor(s) setup we currently are running, it needs to do be able to do so much more than running basic Outlook Mail and Mobile versions of the Office Suite of apps. HP has their Workspace virtualization solution for X3 users but it’s a pretty hefty monthly cost per user with benefits that are hard to see over a traditional laptop setup.

    • ExpressNature

      Chill out ? it is only for specific On The Go employees in enterprise. HP built based on that only. For other users, it is not an solution now. Nowadays, all employees in ASM uses Virtual desktop, so this may be useful solution in future. Through this way, slowly they want to replace desktops. I know how hard is to support Android and iPhone in enterprise, when you can push policies in Windows Mobile just like that in Windows PC or Laptops. Intune and several solutions out there but still coming to legacy application, solution like virtual workspace works best. Secondly, they want one UWP enterprise apps for mobile, desktop, laptop through Windows business store. Not possible if you use Android and iPhone.