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Nokia Android Phones to have very competitive pricing, many price points. HMD set for long-term game

In an interview to Economic Times in India, HMD top management team has touched upon many things about upcoming Nokia Android smartphones. From the interview, it seems clear that the ex-Nokia management team is all set to take the smartphone world by storm. While premium Nokia quality and innovations are given

First Nokia Android Phone will go on sale soon post-launch. Uncluttered Android experience in collaboration with Google

We last reported about HMD CEO talking about some sort of partnership with Google for upcoming Nokia Android Smartphones. Now it seems the partnership may be about offering near-pure Android experience on the Nokia Android phones. In another interview, HMD CEO has again talked about collaboration with Google and has

Nadella talks about “most ultimate mobile device”, “structural innovation” in the phone arena

In a recent interview to Financial Review (Australia), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has reiterated Microsoft's focus to find that "most ultimate mobile device". Microsoft, as per Nadella will not play in the market defined by major Smartphone leaders. "We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by

Satya Nadella: Microsoft creating Phone categories with “some new form, new function, new value added”

We just reported about Terry Myerson talking about Windows 10 Mobile Devices with ARM chips and cellular connectivity and now we have some more from CEO Nadella. Satya Nadella has also talked about creating Phone Categories with "some new form, new function, new value added". In an interview to WSJ, he

Nokia: Not out of device business & will surprise with leading-edge hardware. “Doesn’t rule out possibility of making phones again”.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] In a recent interview, Nokia's Executive vice-president Michael Halbherr has emphasized that Nokia may have sold off its devices and services division for some reason but it is still not out of device business. He also didn't rule out possibility of Nokia making phones again but said that may

China may get priority in kicking off latest products. Nokia will continue to have above 4000 Yuan and below 1000 Yuan products.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Erik Bertman, the newly appointed general manager for Nokia China has in an interview talked about Nokia's strategy for China. According to him Nokia will pursue the role of challenger in China and will continue to focus on building partnerships like they have with Suning and China Unicom. He