In an interview to Economic Times in India, HMD top management team has touched upon many things about upcoming Nokia Android smartphones. From the interview, it seems clear that the ex-Nokia management team is all set to take the smartphone world by storm.

While premium Nokia quality and innovations are given we can also expect very competitive pricing. It also seems Nokia will cater to many price points instead of going for only the top-end of smartphone space. Nokia D1C is Nokia’s upcoming Android smartphone targeted to low to mid-range of the smartphone buyers.

Q: Will there be entry level smartphones, under $100?
It will be premium execution in each and every price point and we know how important our mid to low price point devices in India and we are carefully looking at consumers and what they want us to do.

Q: How do you plan to counter extreme competition in India?
A:We are going to be extremely comeptitive in terms of the specifications and price but we’re not going to be highlighting the megapixels or Ghz. This is going to be the true Nokia entering the market again.
Florian: We have the opportunity to distance from the competition, we can take a human aspect on technology. We have the brand equity and we want to leverage that to the fullest. Every product, marketing, will be the true to the Nokia brand and the foundation of it. Stability, quality, reliabilty and then we’re bringing in innovation where it matters the most for consumer, and removing the clutter. This will be seen through Nokia line up coming to life again.

It also feels great to hear that HMD is all set to take it as a long-term game and is ready to dug its heels.

Q: How confident are you for taking Nokia back to the glory days of 70% market share in India and global leadership?
A: 70% sounds fantastic and it might be that the world is not exactly what is used to be 5-10 years ago. But we have no doubt in a market like India, in other markets also, that we’re going to be extremely strong player. And we have the patience to do this, it is a long term plan together with all our partners including manufacturing partners. We’re not here to rush but we’re absolutely confident that we’re taking a significant share in the coming years.

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