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Nokia Android Phones to have very competitive pricing, many price points. HMD set for long-term game

In an interview to Economic Times in India, HMD top management team has touched upon many things about upcoming Nokia Android smartphones. From the interview, it seems clear that the ex-Nokia management team is all set to take the smartphone world by storm. While premium Nokia quality and innovations are given

WhartonBrooks to bring Continuum powered Windows Phone under Cerulean brand name

US-based vendor WhartonBrooks has decided to jump on Windows Phone bandwagon with its upcoming smartphone under Cerulean Brand name. The company touts "Continuum"as the disruptive innovation that its upcoming smartphone will come with. Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum are the disruption, but only we (our community) know it.  It breaks the mold of current thinking

Best Deals for Lumia 550 [UK (£49.99), US ($109), India (Rs 6559) & Germany (81.21)]: Specifications & Comparison

Lumia 550 is now available to buy in most of the markets now revealing its pricing and Shipping (Release Date) dates. Check the market-wise best deals & offers details below. Also scroll down for detailed specifications and features. You can read our Lumia 550 comparison with Lumia 540, Lumia 650,