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Microsoft slashes Lumia 650 price across UK & Europe. Best Priced deals & offers [All markets]

The Lumia 650 has been made official now by Microsoft for a Reference price of $199. We will keep this post updated with pre-order links, price, release date and other details from all the markets. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google + & YouTube and Bookmark this post.

Lumia 650 Specifications, Features & Comparisons:

  • 5″ HD (1280 x 720 pixels) AMOLED, ClearBlack display
  • 1.3 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 5MP front camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal with expandable up to 200GB via microSD
  • Windows 10 Mobile OS
  • Dimensions: 142x 70.9 x 6.9 mm
  • Weight: 122grams
  • 4G LTE / 3G HSPA+, WiFi , Bluetooth 4.1 LE
  • 2000mAh removable battery

We have also posted detailed comparison between,

that gives you a good idea about how Lumia 650 compares to other mid-range Lumia devices in terms of specifications, feature and price.

Lumia 650 Best Deals & Release Dates (All Markets)

US & Canada:

Prepaid Lumia 650 can now be booked online at Cricket Wireless for a price of $109.

Buy link

Unlocked Lumia 650 is now available to buy in US and Canada at the official Microsoft Store and also from B&H in US.

US link – $199

Canada link

You can buy unlocked Lumia 650 for $179 from B&H

B&H link


Lumia 650  is now officially available in India for a price of Rs 15,299 in Microsoft Stores. Check below for two best deals.

Best Deals India:

ShopClues is selling Lumia 650 for Rs 13799.

Buy link

Best European pricing (Delivered worldwide):

Stuff-UK is selling it for just EUR 118 (For the best UK & Germany deal, check the UK & Germany sections).

Best Deal link

Netherlands :

Lumia 650 is available in Netherlands for EUR 199, and the retailer ships to UK, Austria and Poland too.

Buy link


The Lumia 650 is now available to buy in UK and here is the best priced Sim-Free deal for just £99.42.

Buy link

For £109 at official MS Store

MS Store link

Best PAYG Deal is being offered by CPW for £99.99.

Deal link

Also at

CPW Sim-Free for £119


The Lumia 650 is available to buy in Germany for EUR 129 from MS Store.

Buy link


The Lumia 650 is available to buy for EUR 139 from MS Store.

Buy link


The Lumia 650 is available to buy for EUR 149 from MS Store

Buy link

Best Deal is offered by Amazon for EUR 148.77

Buy link


The Lumia 650 is available in Poland for the best price of € 164.49 in Europe

Deal link


The Lumia 650 is now available to buy in Ireland for EUR 129 and it ships by March 4.

Buy link

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Lumia 650 proto

A real-life image of Lumia 650 has been posted now by Evan Blass and the article also claims Wireless Charging as the part of the package. Read below for full detailed specifications, probable pricing and Release Date of the Lumia 650.

lumia 650 render

Lumia 650 aka Lumia Saana’s press renders have been leaked via two sources. WinBeta got the front while now Evan Blass has leaked the back now. Check the images below.

Lumia 650 lumia650render

We can also add a bit more about the devices’ specs & release dates via our sources.

Lumia 650 Specifications & Release Date:

Metallic frame with polycarbonate body design

5-inch, 720p display with Gorilla Glass protection


16 GB internal Storage

MicroSD support

Snapdragon 212 processor

8 MP Rear camera and 5 MP FFC

2000 mAH Battery

Wireless Charging

You can read about all the Lumia 650 leaks by clicking here.

Lumia 650 Price & Release Date:

Coming somewhere in January – February. It may get announced with or around the launch date of Lumia 850, the successor to Lumia 830. Lumia 650 can be priced around USD 179 or 12000 INR if the pricing seen in Zauba records is any indication.

Our sources have confirmed to us that Lumia 750 is coming by early next year, while Lumia 850 is scheduled to arrive in Q1 next year. Read our exclusive report here.


As speculated by many in comments below, it does seem to have front facing speaker (since there is none on the back). On enlarging the frontal image crop it seems there is some kind of cover that is creating illusion of a metallic frame and top button but if you have a look at the image of the back, it does look like a metallic frame and metallic side buttons.

Via 1   2


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  • pege63

    U can buy a 650 here in sweden for 1490 SEK (1USD=8.20SEK)

  • Borhan Uddin

    Oh Microsoft, why did you forget to add compass in this phone?

  • Borhan Uddin

    The only drawback is this phone doesn’t have magnetometer.

  • Vinodh Kanna Rajah

    So this not a dual sim device?

    • Borhan Uddin

      It’s available in Dual SIM variant.

  • G L M R

    Release date in India????

  • ambarish kumar

    It is a good phone. Don’t know why people are going crazy over the specs. I am looking forward to a Lumia 650 to buy as soon as it is released in India.

  • Azz_Abdr

    May I have a theory?
    I think it’s not metal frame, I think it’s a new Dual Shot cover, like in Lumia 620. The outer layer is transparent and the black color is in inside layer of cover.
    You see something like top button, are you? I think it’s an earphone plug.

  • Subham Roni

    Front facing speakers would be awesome :3
    what are the chances that the ram will be 1.5/2gb?
    Also, wmpoweruser said its a sd210, while Windowscentral suggested a sd410. What do your sources suggest?
    I really what this device to have sd410 and 1.5gb ram.

    • Kamal

      Did you really not read the full article. We have most of the specs listed.

      • Subham Roni

        Read it bro. Its just that I really want this device to get more than 1gb ram 😛

        • CyberAngel

          You are buying the 850!?

          • Subham Roni

            Depends upon the specifications.
            L550 was a disappointment for me.

  • awaid

    hi everyone I have a question can the lumia 730 &. 830 successor see the green light I mean are they both going to be released because all other 30 series have upgraded to 50 what about lumia 850 and 750 please Microsoft release them

  • I believe that’s either the proximity or ambient light sensor and not a front facing speaker. The same is noticeable on my 640 XL. If it does indeed have a metal frame, then I would assume the speaker grilles would be at the bottom of the device beside the USB Type-C port.


    the red marked area is not front facing speaker. It is the light sensor
    Speaker is a small gap that appears at the bottom of the phone

    • Kamal

      you are right and we corrected that already.

      • viipottaja

        Should also correct the title, it is Saana, not Sanna. 🙂

        • Kamal

          Oh Saana!!

          • CyberAngel

            That’s what HE said….

          • awaid

            lumia 850 & 750 waiting patiently I hope these two get released Daniel rubino say there is no more lumias after 650 what you say about that kamal ? according to daniel 650 is last and all other images of 850 are fakes and no more lumias

            kamal your sources said atleast 2 midranged lumias are coming I hope we see 850 & 750 I am using 520 for a long time wait and upgrade to either 850 or 750 hope both these phone get released what you say kamal

            • Michael Fernandez

              It is debatable both ways…. As far as i know the latest lumia path is 3 categories with 2 phones each in each category… since that stratergy was announced we saw 950/950xl so that covers the flagship end with 2 models.. and the 550 that covers one phone in the low end… there are 3 more phones left as per the new 3category/2phones each stratergy of nadella… so lets see how that pans out… saying no more phones after 650 may be wrong… but spreading the number across 550 to 850 may also be wrong.. we just want 6 good lumias across the price range… thats all…

              • awaid

                so we see lumia phones after 650 ? it’s not after lumia 650 no more windows mobile phone according to Msft themselves 6 phones a year so we have 950,xl ,550 and 650 so still 2 more coming ? or remaining


    It’s Saana. Not Sanna

    Hmm metal frame, metal buttons the phone’s right side
    And front facing speakers? Interesting 🙂

    • viipottaja

      Front facing speakers? Do you mean those little slits that seem to be there on top and bottom or what?

  • javid

    looks like a button on the top of the phone? see both renders appear to show something there

    • viipottaja

      more likely to be just an opening for a speaker or the USB port.

      • Akhil G Vithura

        may be

  • DH Dog

    Could that be a metal frame?

    • eternal

      Quite possibly

    • Akhil G Vithura

      Not sure

      • DH Dog

        2 months later, we know for sure it’s a metal frame