US-based vendor WhartonBrooks has decided to jump on Windows Phone bandwagon with its upcoming smartphone under Cerulean Brand name. The company touts “Continuum”as the disruptive innovation that its upcoming smartphone will come with.

Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum are the disruption, but only we (our community) know it.  It breaks the mold of current thinking to create a new path.  Our focus groups and demos prove this over and over.  As we continue to tell our story, the community will come to see our consumer-centric approach to sharing this technology and how we plan to enter the market by attracting a wider audience to the value of Windows 10 Mobile.

Not much is known at this point in time about specs and features of the Cerulean Windows Phone but it seems to have a metallic frame & slim design, as can be seen in the image above. The company is planning to have “Cerulean Mobile Meet & Greet” event on September 10 and you can join in, if you are in US.

For us, a beautifully designed smartphone that is highly performant with untethered access to the PC experience, with accessories and partnerships to support the platform, and is accessible to EVERYONE is the ultimate Windows Phone.

With that said, we are just beginning and we have a FANtastic starting point.  Future phones will be driven by your feedback and comments.

You can sign-up for getting pre-order notice if you are interested.

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Company has also clarified what they are going to do with your mail address. Check their full FAQ here.

We will send you 4 messages.

  1. Confirmation that we received your request for preorder notice
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