Nokia Software recovery tool (Erstwhile Lumia Software Recovery tool) is a very useful tool that helps you to recover or update your Nokia-branded devices. The app includes features of both Nokia Software updater and erstwhile Nokia Software recovery tool. This is required for updating the software on Symbian, Nokia X2 and Nokia feature phones now. For Lumia & Windows Phone devices you now need to use Windows Phone recovery tool.

Nokia Software recovery tool Changelog:

Support for latest products

Several bug fixes and some layout improvements

We can also notice that it now tells you the software version on your devices and surprisingly it reads the OS version 8.10.14219.341 as 9651.14219

Nokia Software Recovery Tool tutorial:

Here is more about the system requirement and support phones for Nokia Software recovery tool,

Prerequisites for your computer (PC):
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.
  • USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Minimum 4 GB free storage space.
Supported phones:
  • Asha and Series 40 phones that have USB interface
  • Series 30+ phones that have USB interface
  • Nokia X2 platform phones
  • Symbian phones

Though Nokia Software recovery tool erases the personal data from your device. So, you need to take a back up before using this.

How it works:

Step 1. Download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool to your computer. If possible, make sure that your phone is fully charged. If the phone battery level is too low, your phone will prompt you to charge the battery before starting the update.

Step 2. Start Nokia Software Recovery Tool, and connect your phone to your computer with a compatible USB cable. If prompted, select the correct USB mode on your phone: Nokia Suite or Modem. Charging Mode in case of Series 30+ devices.

  • Important Note! Using Nokia Software Recovery Tool erases all personal content on your phone. Using Software Recovery Tool erases all personal content on your Nokia Series 30+ phone, so it recommended that you create a backup before doing a software update. Depending on your model you can do that from Settings > Backup > Create backup.  This will create a backup of the phone settings and personal content to the memory card. A memory card is required before you can create a backup. You will find the instructions on how to backup and restore your data in your phone’s user guide.


Step 3. Follow the instructions shown on the tool. The latest version of your phone software will be installed, and your phone will restored back to the factory settings. This process may take some time depending on your internet connection, and you cannot use your phone during the installation.

Thanks Naveen for the tip. Cheers!!