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Nokia Software recovery tool’s how to use tutorial. Download link

Nokia Software recovery tool (Erstwhile Lumia Software Recovery tool) is a very useful tool that helps you to recover or update your Nokia-branded devices. The app includes features of both Nokia Software updater and erstwhile Nokia Software recovery tool. This is required for updating the software on Symbian, Nokia X2

Opera Mobile store to replace Nokia store on Symbian, Nokia X range & Nokia feature Phones

  Microsoft and Opera have signed an agreement that makes Opera Mobile store to replace Nokia store as the default app store on Nokia Symbian, Nokia X range of smartphones and Nokia feature phones. Starting in the first quarter of 2015, Nokia Store on Series 40, Series 60, Symbian, Asha and

Upload to Facebook & “Nokia 808 PureView photos” album on Facebook restored for 808 PV users

In what seems like a good example of co-ordination between Nokia community and the ex-Nokia Microsoft team, the Facebook photo upload from Gallery issue on Symbian Belle devices has been fixed and the default "Nokia 808 PureView photos" album is restored on Facebook. If you are still using the awesome 808 PureView

Weekend Watch: Our Lumia 925 vs 808 PureView, video stabilization & lossless zoom comparison.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] In weekend watch we are bringing to you two videos which compare video quality and lossless zoom between two PureView device. One is the original 41 MP camera of 808 PureView and the other very capable 8.7 MP camera with OIS and first 6-element lens of Lumia 925. We

Top stories: Upcoming Asha leaks, Lumia 1020 shootouts, Nokia & Finalnd, HTML5 wearable OS, Symbian support and much more..

[embedit snippet="fluids"] This weekend has been full of awesome Nokia news, rumors and comparisons and you won't like to miss them for sure. So, in case you didn't get chance to check the web on weekends here is a summary of what we covered on weekend. Lumia 1020 ad with skydivers and

Seems Symbian support has become “First casualty” of MS-Nokia deal.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] It will really pinch to millions of Symbian users out there( including me). Seems, recent MS-Nokia deal has expedited the process of removal of Symbian support which was promised by Nokia to continue till 2016. In a recent letter to developer community Nokia has told them that they will

#Lumia1020 vs 808 PureView. Ultimate PureView video recording battle!!

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] AAS/AAWP has done an extensive Lumia 1020 vs 808 PureView video capture shootout and have tried to show difference in video capture by both 41 MP devices in various conditions. They have used lossless zoom as well on both the devices. OIS is what makes Lumia 1020 a clear

Imaging shootout: #Lumia1020 vs SGS4 Zoom vs 808 vs Lumia 925 (Optical/Digital Zoom useed).

[embedit snippet="madsr"] First of all, this is not a typical all on similar settings kind of shootout and AAS has used zoom on 808, Lumia 1020 and SGS 4 Zoom whenever needed. Hence Lumia 925 is certainly one at disadvantage. Also, even crops are not from similar size ratio, but according

Rich-recording and low-light videos of same concert with #Nokia #Lumia1020 and #808 #PureView.

[embedit snippet="madsb"] Not for the sake of any comparison but for appreciation of the fact that, the two best devices to capture amazing audio quality at Live concerts are none other than two shining stars from Nokia. Judge yourself and let us know how you liked the low-light video and rich

808 PureView vs Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom: Imaging comparison.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Pocketnow not only posted two videos comparing 808 PureView and SGS4 zoom's video capturing ability but also posted many images captured with both cameras. Though they didn't bother to post side by side comparison of images or crops, but we have done it for you. Above is 200% crop