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AAS/AAWP has done an extensive Lumia 1020 vs 808 PureView video capture shootout and have tried to show difference in video capture by both 41 MP devices in various conditions. They have used lossless zoom as well on both the devices. OIS is what makes Lumia 1020 a clear winner and even when zoomed in the effect of OIS become more pronounced. Though digital stabilization on 808 makes difference in its video smoothness but can’t match to hardware based OIS of Lumia 1020. What still impresses in 808 video capture is amazing amount of details and sharpness and the algorithms which keep colors as much natural as possible. Here again, most will love the punchier colors from Lumia 1020 though as in details capture and sharpness it looks better than 808 in most of the cases.

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