Nokia 2.4 cameras review & evaluation vs Nokia 5.3 camera. Full-Size samples & videos

Nokia 2.4 is the latest Nokia Android smartphone in its budget Android One range and sports a Dual-camera setup. The phone has just been launched in India and we had started posting our hands-on video coverage of Nokia 2.4.Now time for our detailed Nokia...

First Nokia 5.3 camera samples from Taiwan impress with amount of resolved details & dynamic range

While Nokia 5.3 is supposed to be available in some markets like Germany starting today, in India perspective buyers may need to wait for the "made in India" Nokia 5.3. Now in a pleasant surprise, we have first camera samples captured with Nokia 5.3...

HMD CPO explains why Nokia 9 PureView can't have a Night Mode or use new low-light imaging algorithms

We had told you earlier via our trusted sources that HMD was not working to bring a Night Mode to Nokia 9 PureView. Recently, Nokia Mobile Twitter account recently raised hopes of many Nokia PureView users by claiming that a new Nokia 9 PureView...

Nokia 7.2 imaging (Night Mode, wide-angle) & OZO Audio (video recording) samples

We will very soon post our Nokia 7.2 review and an imaging comparison against Nokia 8.1. But for the time being, enjoy some Nokia 7.2 imaging samples and also video recording samples with OZO Audio output.We have also included Night Mode, Wide-angle and other...

For Nokia 7.2 Zeiss triple-cam promotion, Nokia Mobile collabs with a photographer, posts sample

HMD has collabed with a photographer named Asa from Iceland to promote Nokia 7.2 Zeiss triple-lens rear Camera. HMD CPO Juho posted this information on Tweeter informing that Asa will join him on stage today at Berlin launch event.There is a sample too captured...

Nokia X71 48 MP camera samples & impressions from Taiwan

Nokia X71 has been so far released in only two markets: China and Taiwan and there is no news so far of it making it to rest of the world. Though we hear that it may be launched as Nokia 7.1 Plus globally but...

“Nokia 9 PureView is the best smartphone rival to DSLRs”, says a Professional photographer after using it for weeks

Nokia 9 PureView brings not only the five lens array camera system for computational photography but it also brings plethora of capturing, tweaking and tuning options that may make it a favorite with professional photographers and imaging enthusiasts. And on the basis of review...

Nokia 9 PureView vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro in its first camera head-on

So, Nokia 9 PureView is official now with a beast of a Penta-Lens camera. While we can't yet get our hands on the flagship (sadly), lucky tech-journos are putting its camera head-on with already established camera smartphones like Huawei Mate 20 Pro.So, David Cogen...

More official Nokia 9 PureView Camera samples & how the Penta-Lena camera works

HMD made Nokia 9 PureView official today with Penta-Lens camera that is an Industry first. HMD has also talked about how this camera utilizes the concept of computational imaging to achieve great results. Here we have tried to the description provided by HMD in...

Nokia 9 PureView low-light camera sample now teased by HMD

After posting a daylight sample earlier, HMD has now followed that up with a presumptive low-light sample captured with Nokia 9 PureView. Check the sample posted by HMD on Twitter below.Though, it is a diluted image from the original capture and must have lost...

HMD teases Nokia 9 PureView camera sample with incredible amount of details

So, here is the first taste of the Nokia 9 PureView camera for you from HMD. Teasing capability of Nokia 9 PureView camera with a sample posted by "Konsta Punkka" on Instagram, HMD CPO Juho has talked about sharing something extraordinary on February 24.

Nokia 2 Camera Review. Video & Full-Size image samples

Nokia 2 hands-on 1
In this article, we share our detailed review of Nokia 2 cameras and also share Full-size images and video capture samples. Nokia 2 comes with a 8MP camera on the back and an 5MP shooter at the front. If you want to check, here...

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