While Nokia 5.3 is supposed to be available in some markets like Germany starting today, in India perspective buyers may need to wait for the “made in India” Nokia 5.3. Now in a pleasant surprise, we have first camera samples captured with Nokia 5.3 posted in Taiwan, another market where reviewers already got the smartphone in their hands.

These two samples show the amount of resolved details that the Nokia 5.3 camera is able to capture.

More Nokia 5.3 main camera samples show what the camera is capable of.

These two samples give an idea about the capability of the ultra-wide camera.

While there are no full-size image samples provided by the reviewer these compressed samples look really impressive for a mid-ranger like Nokia 5.3 that will cater to the low-end of Nokia mid-range portfolio. You can check more samples in the source article.

You can expect us to come up with a detailed “NPU” style Nokia 5.3 camera review with once HMD makes Nokia 5.3 available in India.