Nokia 9 PureView brings not only the five lens array camera system for computational photography but it also brings plethora of capturing, tweaking and tuning options that may make it a favorite with professional photographers and imaging enthusiasts. And on the basis of review posted by a career photographer “TUOMAS HARJUMAASKOLA” who used Nokia 9 PureView for few weeks before posting the review, it seems it does well as a dedicated imaging device.

Tuomas has also clarified that he hasn’t been paid by HMD or Nokia to write his review.

This post is inspired by my own eagerness to write about the best mobile phone camera out there today. Nokia, HMD nor anyone else didn’t pay me for anything more than using the device to shoot samples of my choosing; nor did HMD prompt my comments — quite the opposite, I got the device with no documentation nor foreword.

Now coming to his impressions of Nokia 9 PureView camera, Tuomas extols it as the best smartphone rival for DSLRs.

Could this Nokia 9 Pureview phone with its superb camera make me unemployed? It is the best rival for DSLRs in the category of mobile phones for sure, and I’d sign up to carry one with me. The ever-developing technology strives to achieve more and more professional-looking photos, but maybe for now professional DSLRs may still win… though at the price of constant back pain caused by lugging the heavy gear with you.
But as we all know, the best camera you have is the camera you have on you. For 2019, it just might be the Nokia 9 PureView.
Tuomas says that Nokia 9 PureView camera impresses a lot in low-light capture both on snapshots and while using long exposures. He even shares how Nokia 9 PureView fared better than his Canon EOS 5D Mark III for a particular night shot. He also has some good words to say about its ability to capture great photos and videos in a normal point-to-shoot scenario.
Here are some of the imaging samples posted by Tuomas in his article. Do check his review to read more about Nokia 9 PureView camera performance and to check more cool imaging samples.