Low-light prowess of 808 PureView’s Camera. Some images without flash :)

In last few days, we have heard a lot about "PureView" on Lumia 920 and how amazing pictures it can take in low-light without flash. So, I thought of trying the original PureView, the 808 in low-light conditions without flash and by just playing...

Stunning videography with 808 PureView. Beauty of Finland’s Ports and Shores :)

This one is again from the master video maker topolino70. As always, video capture is stunningly beautiful and the background music just perfect. This time , the video is about Port and Shores from Lahti and Tampere, Finland. The video has been captured only...

Nokia Belle FP2 update reportedly rolling out. Probable changelog as reported by 808 PureView owners.

We just reported how Belle FP2 firmware was seen at NaviFirm and one of the device owners have flashed his device and posted some screenshots and changes he could see on his 808 PureView. http://nokiapoweruser.com/2012/09/07/belle-fp2-firmware-available-for-808-pureview-on-navifirm/ http://nokiapoweruser.com/2012/09/07/808-pureviews-belle-fp2-firmware-screenshots-gallery-restored-new-keyboard-music-player/ Now what seems like reports coming from many sources that Nokia Belle...

808 PureView’s Belle FP2 firmware screenshots. Gallery restored.New Keyboard.Music Player and other changes.

We just informed that Belle FP2 firmware 113.10.1506 is available at NaviFirm for 808 PureView and asrialbaker @asrialbaker went ahead and flashed his 808 Pureview with the firmware. What he reports most happily is that Gallery options like Landscape and Multiple marking are back. It...

Belle FP2 firmware available for 808 PureView on NaviFirm.

Look what we got here. Thanks Eric for the tip !! Seems that Belle FP2 firmware version 113.10.1506 is now available at NaviFirm for 808 PureView. Hmm, it was rumored that Belle Fp2 will start rolling out for Belle 2nd Gen devices from 10/20 September and now it seems...

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