This one is again from the master video maker . As always, video capture is stunningly beautiful and the background music just perfect. This time , the video is about Port and Shores from Lahti and Tampere, Finland. The video has been captured only with 808 PureView without help of any external lens, that makes it more likeable.

Somehow I am always drawn making videos near to lakes or water generally and it’s no wonder: What other element can be so interesting and dynamic than water?
Scenes seen at video are shot from Lahti and Tampere, Finland.
Videos shot using Nokia 808 pureview + Velbon C-600 tripod. No other lenses attached. Video edited using Sony Vegas 11. I adjusted brightness and contrast with many clips seen on video since I shot them accidentally with too low contrast (to my taste 🙂 )
Music by
Kevin MacLeod – Bicycle
Kevin MacLeod – Arcadia
Visit Kevin MacLeod’s great royalty free music site at

The video cometh,