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“Tweetian” great Twitter application for Belle devices updated with some cool new features.

One of the most liked application for Belle devices "Tweetian" has been updated to version 1.6.0 and it brings many cool new features and changes along. Mute and Nearby Tweets Pinch-to-zoom for image Small and large Font size setting Many improvements to application functionality Minor UI improvements Lots of Bug fixes We updated Tweetian on or 808 PureView and it is really

Nokia’s Q3 results: Our take. Q4 predictions.Nokia’s many decisions in recent past have been sales-unfriendly.

Back in June we published an article recommending, "Why Nokia needs to fully support and evolve Symbian and remove the shelf life cap". In that article we did some predictions like, Even in Q3, Symbian will be responsible for major chunk of sales, given that many prospective buyers will hold for WP8 devices. In

Nokia Music with Mix Radio available as software update for Belle FP2 running devices.Loving the new Qt based application.

If you remember our reveiw of 808 PureView, then we especially mentioned how Nokia could think of improving "Nokia Music" application. Nokia Music: Nokia Music comes with unlimited download offer for full one year with 808 PureView in India. The music collection is really rich and updated with latest Bollywood, Hollywood and other Geners, chartbusters and

Weekend watch 3: Time for some Time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView.

Enjoy some of the cool time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView. This one is my fav and truly awesome. [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   Do, let us know if you find  better ones, we will include them in the article.

Nokia Belle FP2 firmware makes a comeback on NaviFirm.

You remember that Belle FP2 firmware made an appearance on the NaviFirm for 808 PureView and some of the power users downloaded and flashed there 808 PureView with it. We posted a probable change log of the Belle FP2 as reported by users and compiled by us. After sometime it was pulled back from the NaviFirm by

808 PureView vs iPhone 5 low-light and daylight photo shootout. Didn’t we know the results already.

Gizmodo has done shootout of iPhone 5 with many devices including 808 PureView and as always happens, they have to say this in the conclusion. But if you're serious about good-looking memories, you should keep a point-and-shoot around. We're dreaming someday Apple will adopt a camera as good as the 808 PureView or