Gizmodo has done shootout of iPhone 5 with many devices including 808 PureView and as always happens, they have to say this in the conclusion.

But if you’re serious about good-looking memories, you should keep a point-and-shoot around. We’re dreaming someday Apple will adopt a camera as good as the 808 PureView or the Canon S100. Sigh, someday.

So, now coming to the shootout between 808 PureView and iPhone 5. There are two tests done, one in day-light other in low-light conditions. We will quote Gizmodo’s comment below each test result, so that you can understand how impressed they are with mighty 808 PureView.

Low-light test results:

Gizmodo says,” Nobody’s ever going to buy an Nokia 808 PureView in the US, but boy does the 41-megapixel 1/1.2-inch sensor on its camera deliver. In the camera’s low-light setting, it doesn’t shoot at full resolution, and instead uses the extra photodiodes on the sensor to help reduce noise. The result is this lovely sharp image.”

Though, we don’t agree with “who will buy in US” comment as lots have already done that, even when it is sold unlocked.

Daylight test results:

Gizmodo says, “And the comparison in the dark doesn’t begin to tell the story during the day. This is what the PureView’s 41-megapixels can do. Hopefully we’ll see this badass camera in a good domestic smartphone sometime soon.”