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Nokia Belle FP2 update reportedly rolling out. Probable changelog as reported by 808 PureView owners.

We just reported how Belle FP2 firmware was seen at NaviFirm and one of the device owners have flashed his device and posted some screenshots and changes he could see on his 808 PureView.

Now what seems like reports coming from many sources that Nokia Belle Fp2 software update has already started rolling out to devices and many 808 PureView owners have received it via Nokia Suite. Check the below forum links below where users are discussing availability for their devices. Tough luck though for my 808 PureView !!

Thanks Hendrik for the Tip !!

Well, but now we have two 808 PureView owners( @asrialbaker and @Mathieu_Foray), who have flashed their 808 PureView with the firmware from NaviFirm and have reported the changes on Twitter. We have consolidated the changes described in one changelog and we think it is a long list of changes :). Well, I am really excited as it seems Belle FP2 brings a big jump in user experience than the Belle Fp1.

Changelog of Nokia Belle Fp2 on 808 PureView:


  • New QWERTY keyboard with Multitouch. The prediction on top of the keys. Smiley selection in split screen.
  • Qt like Text selection integrated.
  • New SMS composing mini window on top of qwerty in txt conversation with Send button on the right
  • New T9 alphanumeric keyboard with prediction. New design for t9 alphanumeric keypad.
  • You can long press in the new QWERTY to get other characters too.
  • Language chooser enabled at the bottom of the keyboard if you have more than one language activated.


  • Gallery landscape mode & multiple marking and deletion are restored back.
  •  New notification when opening Photo Gallery.
  •  In gallery or when viewing single photos, megapixel info is displayed at the top.


  • Web browser is updated to version JavaScript is faster and HTML5 support is improved.

 Music Player: 

  • New version of music player with main screen having tabs on top.
  • The difference in sound quality over Dolby Sound in earphones is massive. Deep bass, crispy treble.
  • New volume notification at top of the screen instead of left.

 Camera Improvements: 

  • Video stabilization seems to be a little improved.
  • In Creative mode a new option of “Reset to default value” is there.
  • New app “VideoPro” to create videos with your own pictures and videos !

 Widgets and Apps: 

  • Car Mode App is integrated
  • New clock, Notes and mail widgets.

 Menu and Home screen: 

  • MeeGo like Swipe lock screen. When locked, pressing center button (Menu) displays notification. Swiping brings straight to the app.
  •  4 icons in toolbar on homescreen with search button.
  •  Transparent toolbar is in homescreen and photo gallery
  • The grey color of all the menus is lighter.


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  • Rochelle

    Can someone tell me how I can change back to belle from FP2 on my nokia 701? I really do not like the new predictive input using the alphanumeric keyboard. I’ve tried to get use to it but I really don’t like it. Also, I usually use facebook via the web browser not the FB social app because the app isn’t very user friendly. However, since the s/w update I’m unable to view FB on the browser. help me 🙁

    • Surprising to hear that you are not seeing FB on browser!! Anyways Facinate is a great Facebook application and it is free as well.

  • athresh

    Does skype work well with 808 can we do video chats please let me know,I checkd out a demo phne,it was lagging bit,menu button on the screen not that responsive ,when is fp2 rolling out ?? Very much planning to buy in the coming week

  • 7atem

    Can 3rd party use navigation bar to display notifications at least for Facebook and email like in android ?

    • Facinate a facebook client already uses push notifications.

      • 7atem

        But it is annoying to have the notifications on the Homescreen like whatsapp ,facinate and nimbuzz ..I was hoping these applications can use notification bar in FP2 bec i heard that the bar has missing API so app cant use it

        • Someone with better knowledge of Belle Fp2 APIs can answer that!!

  • can somone tell me what the web browser is like with belle fp2? if its good ill get the nokia 808… even though im an australian

    • The web browser is definitely an improvement, html5 wise.. Now I can watch videos on when previously I can’t.. Other factors like javascript & flash I can’t comment yet though.. Overall, a good improvement I’d say..

      • true the web browser is much need of any third party browsed like opera.

  • alright everything seems fine but could someone please tell me if there is alphanumeric support or has nokia removed it and totally replaced it with qwerty keypad

    • Read the changelog carefully. It has a improved Alphanumeric keypad with better prediction than before.

  • dnd

    is it true that the new keyboard support multitouch? I love this feature

    • Yup, as informed by some of the users 🙂

  • Puneet Singh Bajwa

    Thats awesum news….belle fp2 is really tempting to get 808 pv nw…;-)