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Weekend Read 2: 808 PureView vs Samsung Galaxy Camera by GSMarena.Lumia 920 camera review by DPReview.

In weekend read 2 we are bringing to you reviews of PureView camera prowess of the two PureView smartphones from Nokia. GSMArena has done extensive shootout of 808 PureView VS Samsung Galaxy camera while DPReview has reviewed the PureView camera of Lumia 920. Coming to 808 PureView vs Samsung Galaxy camera shootout first. Samsung has launched Galaxy

Software updates “Application Compatibility Fix” and “Nokia Big Screen” available for 808 PureView.

Fire up the software update application on your 808 PureView and you will be prompted for two software updates. Application Compatibility Fix brings compatibility fix for 3rd party applications, while Nokia Big screen application update brings ability to zoom the pictures while watching them on your TV screen through the application. We don't

“Tweetian” great Twitter application for Belle devices updated with some cool new features.

One of the most liked application for Belle devices "Tweetian" has been updated to version 1.6.0 and it brings many cool new features and changes along. Mute and Nearby Tweets Pinch-to-zoom for image Small and large Font size setting Many improvements to application functionality Minor UI improvements Lots of Bug fixes We updated Tweetian on or 808 PureView and it is really

Nokia Music with Mix Radio available as software update for Belle FP2 running devices.Loving the new Qt based application.

If you remember our reveiw of 808 PureView, then we especially mentioned how Nokia could think of improving "Nokia Music" application. Nokia Music: Nokia Music comes with unlimited download offer for full one year with 808 PureView in India. The music collection is really rich and updated with latest Bollywood, Hollywood and other Geners, chartbusters and

Belle FP2 update runs into issues with Nokia Music and VideoPro Apps delivery, pulled away from Nokia Servers.

My 808 PureView received the Belle FP2 update but I could not check the Nokia Music application yesterday because of my tight office schedule, though the changelog prepared by us says that Belle FP2 will deliver a slick Qt based Nokia Music Application. But, seems there is some issue in delivering the