The video upload notification came to our inbox this morning. One more awesome video in the series of many with 808 PureView captured by video-making master “Topolino70”. It has been shot entirely with 808 PureView and at 30 FPS and the playback rate has been adjusted to 24 FPS for that cinematic look. The background music choice like always is great and very soothing.

Though, one bad news as well. Seems that 808 PureView he has used was on loan from Nokia and he will be returning it soon. It may sound strange, but can we request Nokia to let him own it for free. After all, his videos has done more to promote 808 PureView than what Nokia has done yet to promote 808 PureView. In fact Nokia has done nothing to promote 808 PureView post-launch !! Shame though, as still nothing is out there to replace it in the market and will not be at least till mid of 2013.

Misty morning at a Finnish Lake. Sun about to rise. First birds start to sing. My soul rest in silence and with the sound of water streaming through my paddles. Sun rises and wakes the nature again.

I suggest you to listen this with headset and enjoy the mood of the video with Eric Satie’s Gymnopedia no1.

Shot with Nokia 808 attached to Velbon c-600 tripod, which I stationed to the floor of a boat. Video was shot naturally at 30 FPS but I wanted to give it a dreamy cinematic look. I did it by setting the playback rate of every clip to 0,80% which corresponds to 24 fps. So that explains possible minor motion jerkiness seen.